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Monday, September 27, 2021

Seek your inner Goddess standing figure.


MDF sheet 1/4 inch deep 
2 inch wooden block 
Copy paper 
Watercolor crayons 
Spray bottle of water 
Clear watercolor grounds 
Wood glue
Daisy chain punch
Scrapbooking paper 
Metal leaf glue 
Gold leaf 
White and black Posca paint pens 
Polyurethane clear Varnish 
Jig saw or coping saw 

Seek your inner Goddess. Tell yourself everyday , you are unique, you are beautiful, you are powerful, you are amazing.

But to remind you, there is an easy project to make a free standing Goddess figure.

Trace the shape of the figure it out Art Foamie on the MDF ( add a 1/4 inch border)   and cut out  with either a jig saw or Coping saw. 
Sand edges. 
Paint with white gesso , let dry.
 Paint with watercolor grounds,Let dry overnight. 

Spray the( figure it out stamp) with water and add color with watercolor crayons. Stamp on copy paper.
Let dry 
Cut out and Decoupage to the wood cut out.
Let dry.


Paint the face
And hair and dress. 
Spray the flower stamp and add color with crayons, stamp on dress.
Color in 
Let dry.

Add details with Posca pens.
Punch out flowers to add to the head and background. 
Let dry.
 Glue scrapbook paper on back of Goddess and wooden block.
Add leafing glue to sides and add gold leaf.
Let dry.

Glue the doll shape on to a square wooden block.
Let dry.
Add quote 

Seal with clear Varnish , two coat with drying time between. 

I hope you will try this yourselves. 
Hugs Wendy 

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