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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Jump in

 I’ve been thinking about jumping into teaching my own classes. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and although I’ve dipped my toe in with tutorials

at Relics and Artifacts. I never actually charged for them. 

It’s a bit scary, will people want to take them? 

Lots of big questions.

I’ve been working on some samples.

This being one of them. 

Would you pay to learn how to do this ? 

Monday, July 5, 2021

Take your wings and fly

 Take your wings and fly

Sandra Evertson Relics and Artifacts

Art Foamies Ex Voto heart

Equinox project kit 

Santa Fe set

Diesden trim sol

Inspiration from Patti Euler altered Art Foamies class.


 Despite my middle finger incapacitation. I managed to take part in the very first , not to be the last. 

Live tutorial from Jennifer Pipe

My brilliant fellow muse.

My project seems to take on a life of its own.

I had to get help from B last night to mix the Apoxie sculpt and add the wings and crown piece. But I painted it myself. 

Who knew, I was ambidextrous.


Fun project and tutorial. If you like to join in for the next one, we would love to see you. 

At Facebook Relics and Artifacts tribe.

Also thank you to Sandra Evertson and David Evertson







Heart in hand

 Latest Assemblage

I was busy all Saturday figuring out how to do this framed heart.

It took some thought on how to construct  but I’m happy how it turn out. 

Lots of paint layers.

Add the hinges was a labor of love , I hit my finger Several times and swear words were uttered. But I love this heart and the wooden hands.

The heart isn’t in the store was it’s a gift with purchase but you could use any of the other hearts Sandra Evertson has listed. 

The glass eye is from R&A a left over from Jennifer’s last class added to the heart with black Apoxse sculpt, which is back in store.

The hands are also R&A.

The frame was from my stash.

I used acrylic paints and Verde copper to highlight.

The glass heart inside is also from my stash.

I used gold embossing powder to add the words the stamp used is from Art Foamies.

The quote is from a vintage bible. 




Hope you try something like this. There’s lots of beautiful heart blanks to choice from.

Hugs wendy

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