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Monday, May 31, 2021

Celestial Collaboration.

By wendy Aspinall and Kristen Powers 

What happen when two artist people decide together to have an Art collaboration.

Magic is what happens. Pure magical genius. 

We decided on a theme celestial. 

We also decided on a size and I just so happened to have a couple of surface boards and A Relics and Artifacts moon face. Although I didn’t show that to Kristen because I had an idea of what I wanted to do.

Kristen owns and operates the rubber stamp company Rubbermoon and she has the a sister company called art foamies , that happens to be having a first birthday and tag on her site of Rubbermoon is the moon and the maker and she  also  calls her hubby Mr.Moon. 

So first I needed a fairytale. And so I give you The Moon and The Maker. My inspiration for my part of this artful collaboration.

In a land far, far away there once lived an evil king who thought to be happy he would need to have in his possession everything that would be joy to others. 

One day he heard of a Maker who could turn just paint and canvas into such amazing artwork that brought joy to all. So that night the king stole the Maker away, placed her in tallest tower and told her she would paint only for him. He would expect only the best that she could produce.


Each day the Maker would toil over her easel to create a piece of art that when the King saw it he would be so moved to joy he would set her free.


But Alas, each night when he arrived he would declare yes it was a beautiful work of art but it had not brought joy to him so she would not be let free.


Days passed into weeks, weeks into months and on the eve of her two years of being locked in the tallest tower she called out to Mr. Moon to help her. She asked him to give her inspiration to create a painting that would at last appease the evil king.


Mr. Moon was so moved by the Makers plea that that night while she was sleeping, he shone his inspirational moon rays on to her. 


Next morning the Maker awoke with such a clear vision of what she wanted to create, her fingers flew across the canvas, and the paints flowed from her paintbrush. 


Later that evening when the evil King arrived, he was so struck with the stunning magnificence of the painting the Maker had created.


He smiled, joy filled his cold and evil heart and then without warning, because evil deeds should always be punished, the evil king fell down and died.  


The Maker walked out of the tallest tower a free woman.

What I didn’t realize when I wrote this story that it paralleled an fairy tale Kristen had placed on her company Web site when she took over the rubber stamp company and why she had named it Rubbermoon.

Supplies used 

The moon face from the http://www.sandraevertson.com/shop/equinox


6x6 clay board

Chipboard star cutouts 

Acrylic paints


Now when we swapped Kristen manage to turn my part in a masterpiece, she lighted the paint which I had so much trouble with , I think I painted, it three times. Finally settling on a mixture of blues,purple and magenta. I wanted it to look like a Galaxy sky. 

Kristen  also she painted the nose holes on the moon face and toned down the purple Hue , which seems like a small touch but my goodness ,it made such a big difference to the over whole look of the piece.

Then swapped I send her mine and a few days day a parcel arrived with her part.

And I was over joyed would be an overstatement. Kristen had stamped and painted and molded a tiny shrine, complete with an all seeing eye above. Her instructions were to please lighter it up. Mmm ! lighten it.

When I looked at the stamped image , Sandra’s (Bohemian,scene 1 ) I was reminded of a Asian temple hidden in a mass of flowers. And my inspiration was found. 

I cut and watercolored dye cut flowers and also made. Ore flowers using (Basque ) flower stamp. 

I Splattered gold and silver paint on the top of the board to make stars and I also hand drew a few stars myself. 

Then I glued down the flowers. Adding little tiny pieces of moss and lastly a few butterflies to Flutter between the all seeing eye and the shrine. My celestial garden is complete. 

Don’t breathe air , breathe life

Don’t breathe air ,breathe life
By Wendy Aspinall

Supplies used
Wooden plaque
 Sardines ArtFoamies by Red Tin Roof
 Paper clay
Acrylic paints
Sharp knife
Sanding paper
Scrapbook paper
Copper paint
Drill and wire 18  gauge

I found fun quotation “Don’t breathe air , breathe life”  and as fish don’t breathe air but are full of life I wanted to incorporate two things together.
 I also love Red tin roofs sardine stamps. They are really fun and quirky.
So please,enjoy my Plaque project and I hope you’ll try this yourselves.

Roll out paper clay and using the backside of the Art Foamie as a template cut out four fish.
Don’t worry if the edges are rough. I sanded them when dry
Press into the clay with the Art Foamie with the sides with the details.
 Let dry on sheet of paper towel. This may take a few days.
Turn over half way though so the fish stay straight.

When completely dry, Sand off any rough edges until smooth. Be careful, the fish are fragile. add a coat of white gesso
Let dry.
Paint each fish a different color but add touches of the other colors to highlight the texture.
Add the brown and then copper. Paint in eyes with white and black acrylic.
Let dry.

Paint the edge of the wood plague in the same brown Acrylic, distressed the edges with the sandpaper.

Cut scrapbook to cover the back and front of the plaque.
Glue on

Drill two holes for wire hanger.


Glue on the fish and quote.
If you like to see the full post follow this link 



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