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Friday, February 14, 2020

kiss me again

A special Valentine's day post. 
LOVE is in the air , everywhere you look there are red hearts, roses and teddy bears. 
But to me nothing is more romantic than the images of Gustav Klimt. If you've spent any time on this blog you will have seen my digital
layouts I made by reworking his images.  

But for my very first Muse post on Sandra Evertson blog.
 I wanted to try something, a little different. 
A physical piece using the resin blanks from the Relics and Artifacts line. 

I started with a 5 inch by 7 inch canvas which I painted with black gesso.
Next using male head blank from Visage and the woman head from Persona and some Apoxie sculpt I added them to the dried canvas. 
In case you haven't worked with the apoxie sculpt. It has a three hours drying window so plenty of time to work on the texture and add some to the blanks. 

I found buttons with spiral patterns, checkerboard and a flower, following closely to the images for guidance. 
I also used some moulds to get more flowers and leaves. 

When I was happy, it was left overnight to dry and harden. 

Next the fun part , painting.
Apoxie sculpt is a pale grey color but to make sure I would get a clear bright coverage with the acrylic paints, I painted the whole surface with white gesso. 

Following my muse the image of the kiss, I copied the coloring on to my project. 

This took some time , with drying time between each layer and color but by the end of the week it was all painted. 

Apart from the background which I used the Relics and Artifacts Verday paint in bronze that needed two coats and then I sprayed on the patina solution and waited for the magic to happen and boy oh boy, did it happen!... I got a beautiful mixture of blue/ green.  

I was now ready to add the moulded , painted flowers, leaves and butterflies.
and lastly, like Klimt added some gold leaf which I have to admit just add such a glow to the piece. I now see why he did so with his paintings. 

They must have been amazing when he revealed them. 

 Klimt didn't have butterflies but I felt sure if he had seen how beautifully they looked , he might have added them to his paintings. 

I took some artistic license with interpretation but I how not too much that you can't see my inspiration. 

There's my post.


 Hope you'll go and look at the site and see the other Muse posts and share some LOVE. 
Thank you for looking and HAVE fun and create ART .

Hugs Wendy 


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