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Friday, October 11, 2019


Is that a line from a movie ? well I back to blogging again. I know it's been a while. lots of news some good, some bad but I'm back in the studio , working on projects.  Still designing layout for itkupilli. Have lots of layout and kits to show you. I been hanging out on facebook  and instagram which I'm told by my son is the new facebook.Pop over and say hello . I'm going to go through my following list and see what you all been doing. I'm trying vlogging to ... and will be posting some of my how to videos soon. 

Never one to sit still....so lets show you some stuff I've been doing. As it's October and Breast Cancer Awareness month I been posting a new bare breasted layouts  made with some the kits from itkupilli. 

I nearly lost a dear friend of mine recently to this horrible disease. She's slowly getting healthy again. But I was really scared for me and her .. Why me you ask.... because she's a important part of my life . I could imagine the world without her in it..  friends are worth their weight in gold.  
 Titled all Hallows ball You know I couldn't miss adding a little Halloween to some of these layouts 

 I used mostly itkupilli but there is some Holliewood studios  and fine crafted designs too 

See you tomorrow.. see I have to get back in the routine  of blogging each morning again. See you in the morning with a cup of tea.  

hugs Wendy 

and PS if you have scheduled your annual mammogram please do, early detection is so important.

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