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Monday, March 28, 2016

Tarot cards

I don't really know much about Tarot cards , I don't know the meanings or how to read them but I'm drawn to the art work and imagery they have on them.  
 So with the release of Iktupilli newest kit  Peculiar.  I thought why not?

Create a few to see what they turn out like. 
 The backgrounds in this range work really well too .


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Gypsies , Tramps and thieves

I was born in the wagon of a travellin' show 
My mama used to dance for the money they'd throw 
Papa would do whatever he could 
Preach a little gospel, sell a couple bottles of 
Doctor Good 

Gypsys, tramps, and thieves 
We'd hear it from the people of the town 
They'd call us Gypsys, tramps, and thieves 
But every night all the men would come around 
And lay their money down 

Picked up a boy just south of 
Mobile Gave him a ride, filled him with a hot meal I was sixteen, he was twenty-one 
Rode with us to Memphis 
And papa woulda shot him if he knew what he'd done 


I never had schoolin' but he taught me well 
With his smooth southern style 
Three months later I'm a gal in trouble 
And I haven't seen him for a while, uh-huh I haven't seen him for a while, uh-huh 

She was born in the wagon of a travellin' show 
Her mama had to dance for the money they'd throw 
Grandpa'd do whatever he could 
Preach a little gospel, sell a couple bottles of 
Doctor Good 


image credit go to ItkUPiLLi 


Monday, March 14, 2016

S Wonderful , it's Delightful

"'S Wonderful"
'S wonderful! 'S marvelous!
You should care for me!
'S awful nice! 'S paradise!
'S what I love to see!

You've made my life so glamorous
You can't blame me for feeling amorous
Oh! 'S wonderful! 'S marvelous!
That you should care for me!

'S wonderful! 'S marvelous!
That you should care for me!
'S awful nice! 'S paradise!
'S what I love to see!

My dear, it's four-leaf clover time
From now on my heart's working overtime
Oh! 'S wonderful! 'S marvelous!
That you should care for me!

 image credits to tumble fish studios  Delightful  kit  available here  http://www.mischiefcircus.com/shop/product.php?productid=23576&cat=&page=

Friday, March 11, 2016


 Spring forwards  yes that's coming up soon,  personal  I wish they would scrap it , I don't see why it's needed anymore. 
 but it does heralded  the started of spring  and with that birds nesting , flowers spouting  and spring cleaning yes!  I started on the studio with moving stuff around,  finding supplies  and throwing out junk.. I had a lot of that.
 Upside I found the perfect flowers for  my Spring themed trading cards from another VPI swap
Don't  you love the tiny bunnies.

images from  Miles beyond  the moon ... spring fever


The circus

 Trading cards for VIP swap group, it's been awhile since I took part in a swap  and now I sighed up for two. 
 Under the big top,   Who  doesn't love a circus themed swap. 

and a spring themed swap ... photos coming later 

images are from Itkupilli 
Oldies halloween at mischief circus 

 and halloween at Mischief circus 

and  circus paper cuts  and German scraps from retro cafe art gallery 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

when I grow up

 When I grow up the small boy said,  " I want to go to the moon with my teddy Fred." 
We will jump in the moon beams ,color the stars  and when it's bedtime we sleep on Mars. 

Moon boy  for all those lit boys who dreamed of going the the moon.  images credits to iktupilli  


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

let your Gypsy soul free

 let you gypsy soul fly 

 with the help of Crowabout studio B  Gypsy soul kit. 

it's spring Persephone , Wake up!

The Birth of Persephone

One of Demeter's children was Persephone , also known as Kore, which she created together with  Zeus, the King of the gods.

What Demeter did not know was that, by the time Persephone was born, Zeus had secretly promised her to his brother Hades , the dark god of the Underworld... 

The Abduction of Persephone by Hades

One day, when Persephone was still very young, she went out to play with her girlfriends and was spotted by Hades who immediately felt bewitched by her charms. Hades was just waiting for the right moment to come and, when he saw Persephone picking some flowers, he seized the opportunity, opened the earth and abducted her to his gloomy kingdom!
Persephone started screaming so loud that her mother Demeter heard her painful cry and went to the valley to see what was going on. She started searching carefully but she couldn't find her beloved daughter anywhere. So she went on asking anyone she was meeting on her way, but no one seemed to know anything about it...
Finally, Demeter decided to visit  Helios,, the wise Sun god, who happened to know the story, and asked him for advice. Helios was a kind god and felt mercy for the mourning mother, so he revealed to Demeter the whole truth.
Nine days past without any change, driving Demeter to despair. She could neither eat, nor drink, nor could she sleep and nothing was blossoming on earth, leaving humans and animals with no food.

The Return of Persephone

Zeus disliked this situation and decided to send his messenger Hermes to the Underworld to talk to Hades. Hades was not willing to set Persephone free, but, after all, it was the king talking to him, so he was obliged to obey. So he gave Persephone to Hermes, who took her up on his golden chariot and brought her back to her mother Demeter.
pomegranate seedsDemeter was delighted to see her daughter again and cried uncountable tears of joy, bringing this way fertility back to earth. She was hoping to keep her daughter close to her forever, but during her stay with Hades, Persephone had eaten six pomegranate seeds and was therefore chained to stay in the underworld for four months of the year.
This way, the seasons were created in the upper world. All the time Persephone was with Demeter, Demeter was so full of happiness, that the sun was shining and everything was blooming. All the remaining time, when Persephone had to return to the Underworld, Demeter was in grief and nothing could grow... this was the time winter set out in the world.
The ancient Greeks created this myth in order to explain the change of seasons on earth

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