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Friday, July 25, 2014


I'm a bit dishearten , (actually very dishearten I will need to eat the whole chocolate bar)  I heard back from the Somerset studios magazine about the Jane Austin canvas I sent in for one of their challenges ... they didn't use it  and although I tell myself to keep trying .... it 's hard to stay positive.  

How actors and other artists stay hopeful and optimistic with rejection I don't know.  Okay maybe two chocolate bars and a hot chocolate will do it. 

and don't worry I will be back to my happy self soon. 


Sim said...

Don't worry hun, your art is totally awesome! :)
Is there some chocolate left for me? Hahaha!

Jacqui said...

Oh Wendy, I am going to eat a whole chocolate bar for you!!! Your art is lovely, don't give up

Barb said...

Wendy... I think your canvas is stunning...and if you love it that is really all that matters! Enjoy your chocolate trip....LOL

Anonymous said...

It's all about timing. Keep trying. It was gorgeous & I bet you were very close to winning.! Cindy Rose

LynnF said...

Your canvas is gorgeous! Don't give up, never give up. You have talent, girl, it would be a massive shame if you lost focus because of rejection. So...get creating! We love your art!

Electra said...

Keep trying, my friend. I don't know anyone whose art is as magical as yours!

Unknown said...

Well shame on them Wendy, I just found your blog this morning and I love your art!!!

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