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Monday, January 6, 2014

Design team whimsy.... A carnival cutie necklace

   Chain and jump rings
 bottle tops 
seam blinding ribbon  and some gingham ribbon
tiny beads or glitter 
Lisa kettles Party girls doll heads
vintage trim flowers  


The hardest part of this fun little necklace is deciding which doll heads to use. I wanted to use pink seam blinding so I picked out heads with pink on them ... Lay you bottle tops out side by side  Then with a pen, mark where the holes need to be.. one each side to connect one bottle top to the next with a jump ring. You also need add a hole to each end top for the chain .... the holes can be easily punched out with a small hole punch.

Connect all the tops and chain together .. Now  add a good amount of Epoxy or clear glue NOT hot glue in the bottle top.  

Embed the doll head in the glue and then sprinkle with tiny beads  or glitter to hide any glue that may have squeezed out.

 Let to dry overnight   

When completely dry .. shake off any extra beads that didn't stick.   Glue on the flower to each head.  Add ribbon to each connection to hide the jumps rings  and to add a touch of whimsy .. tie and bow to the chain. 

 All done ! You ready to wear your carnival styled necklace 


Ivy said...

so cute!!

Terri said...

Hello Wendy,
This is so very creative! Wow! What fun and whimsy! This necklace needs a party!
Hugs and Happy New Year!

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