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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The tale of the LadyRook

Tale of the ladyrook

A tale of a cursed prince who was bound to live his life in the shape of a monstrous giant bird until the day he could find a fair maiden with a true heart would willingly feed him from her hand .

 Many scared villagers daughters were sent to feed the giant Rook but all were too afraid to feed the Rook with their hands , they could not see passed the sharp beak and claws.

But one day a beautiful maiden with a true heart felt sorry for the big bird
and with kind words began to hand feed the mighty Rook 

and the curse was broken the mighty Rook became the handsome prince again

The prince married the fair maid with the true heart and they lived happy ever after.

 The end 

 I made all my pictures with the new  Ars Longa Renaissance kits  from Itkupilli  available  now at  Deviant scrap  

Also credits to Cryztal rain 


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Marfi-topia said...

So beautiful.
I love the story:)

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