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I 'm wife, a mother , a daughter, a sister,a friend,a crazy faerie loving, art creating, born in England living in the states, blond hair blue eyed, tea drinking, mixed media, atc swapper, digital artist, blogger ,Facebook, reader, writer, old movie watcher, paper addicted, high heel lover, dog owner,cupcake eater, creatively eccentric.. party hat wearer. Welcome to my blog. Where I hope you'll stay awhile and come back often. Hugs Wendy

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

birds and flowers

you can't go wrong with a few pretty birds and some stunning flowers. They go together like bread and jam , tea and biscuits  or sun and rain 

 and itkupilli  imaginarium and beautiful images.. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

she's a pretty young thing

 It's funny how sometimes a digital piece will sparkle  the muse to making a cut and paste piece of art as well 
  I as soon has I had finished this digital  layout  I knew it would make a beautiful a soldered box 

 the image is from here  http://www.deviantscrap.com/shop/product.php?productid=21069&cat=&page=

 I also did this one  and I'm thinking this would work as a soldered box too 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I made a collage

  I make digital collages  with the new kit Collage maker from itkupilli 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The tale of the LadyRook

Tale of the ladyrook

A tale of a cursed prince who was bound to live his life in the shape of a monstrous giant bird until the day he could find a fair maiden with a true heart would willingly feed him from her hand .

 Many scared villagers daughters were sent to feed the giant Rook but all were too afraid to feed the Rook with their hands , they could not see passed the sharp beak and claws.

But one day a beautiful maiden with a true heart felt sorry for the big bird
and with kind words began to hand feed the mighty Rook 

and the curse was broken the mighty Rook became the handsome prince again

The prince married the fair maid with the true heart and they lived happy ever after.

 The end 

 I made all my pictures with the new  Ars Longa Renaissance kits  from Itkupilli  available  now at  Deviant scrap  

Also credits to Cryztal rain 

Party is over

I had a fabulous time going to party to party over the weekend ... there are so many talented artisans out there.
 but all good things have to come to an end .  But before the hatter left  he pulling a special name from his hat ...

 Sim from Sim works
Sim I will email you to get your mailing address and sent the Alice box out to you. 

and oh yes  thank you for all the lovely comments   I so enjoyed meeting you all 

 and the  sweet wild orange tea was from Tazo 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

mad mad tea party 2013

Welcome the the mad , mad tea party  but wait  This won't do! .... How will you fit through the door ? .....  

Can you think small thoughts.  

 I so want you the enjoy all the fun behind the door.

 wait what's THAT...  on the table behind you? 
Well! what are you waiting for, take it! 
Do you have the key?


The white rabbit is here too  , out of puff ......... he had to run all the way to get the the mad hatter tea party  hosted by A fanciful twist in time.
The table is set with all manor of good things to eat 
 Please sit, make yourself at home. 

 "Welcome Alice  we are so pleased you could join us" 

 Oh deer!

The hatter was the first one to pour herself a cup of tea ... but not any tea......... wild orange tea 
Oh no don't drink any more of that.......  you'll be as small as a flea 

 You met all the nicest people at tea parties..... 

"No crying in the tea cups" 
It will water down your tea   
Thank you for joining me and my dear friend  the mad hatter ( Marilyn)  for tea  ... it was lovely to see you , hope you'll pop over again 

 Hugs Wendy ......  

Wait ! 
 I have a special gift for one lucky person  
A soldered Alice in Wonderland Box

Just leave me a comment  and I will pull out a the lucky winner   next week 
follow the rabbit  to go back to the rest of the parties.

Thank you to Dear V  for hosting a fun mad tea party again and to dear Marilyn for coming over to eat goodies with me  and to all the many artisans who fabulous work I used to decorate my table and the artisans at Deviant for their kits and lastly YOU  for popping over to see me. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Altered books ........ wonderland style

 I do enjoy the process of taking an vintage book and turning it into something pretty.   This is  my latest offering...   it is to go on the mad, mad tea party table on Saturday.   It's a wonderful display piece.

 not that old book aren't pretty  but some need a little help. 

Vintage books  very easy to find... you don't want it too old, pages don't  want to be falling to pieces  but it does need a little age to it...   For this project  you need to remove the front and back covers  but  don't throw it away you can use them for another project.
 The page folding is the boring part of this project.  I sat in front of the TV folding the pages back ... 
Now decide  Do you want to stand it up or  lie it down?     Glue the book together  and then glue to a base.  I used a christmas glittered snowflake shape  but Micheal's craft stores have cake boards that would work too. 

Now time for the fun bit.....  images and 3D embellishments.  The mushrooms were made with paper-clay and moss  and glitter will add a whimsical magic to any project.  

It has me itching make another one soon.  
 Maybe a halloween theme .... now where did I put that book !


 And make sure you pop back  On Saturday  for my mad , mad tea-party ... hosted by the one and only http://afancifultwist.typepad.com

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