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Thursday, June 13, 2013

buying up Paris and hometown shopping

Saint- Paul 's  village  is not as well known as Marche aux Pues  in St ouen de Clignancourt ( flea market) but it's just as interesting. 
 It's  made up of covered passageways which lead you to quite , interconnected courtyards  that lead to unique and amazing Artisan Boutiques Antiques stores.


Vintage cards 

sweet flowers 

LOL  a shop called Thanksgiving  with all manor of American 
goodies  .....   that did make us laugh 

 What I wouldn't do! To have this sitting in my house ... although  I would have to add some pearls and maybe hire a forklift,  I bet it weighs a ton

 Lace and buttons are from leicester market my home town.
Leicester  market is the largest permanent market in the UK.  Its around 800 years old  and sells everything from fruit and veg to vintage books. 
In the centre of the market stand a statue of John Manners  the 5th  duke of Rutland  and the leicester Corn exchange ( 1850)  which was originally a trading centre but is now a bar  and most importantly is the place where Mr H and I had our first date. All those years ago ...

I didn't buy the pretties
 .. Mum was having a clear out ...... Did I want any of it  before she took it to goodwill ?????
What !!!  
Of course the prize of the whole trip was the beautiful boxes from Loduree and the pretties, some of them belonged to my Nanna 


HI! I'm Tabitha said...

amazing!! i am swooning!

Cameron said...

She was going to take those gorgeous lovelies to the Goodwill?!

Thank goodness you rescued them!

What a lovely trip and great goodies, too :)

BLiSsAngELs said...

I know what was she thinking .... thank goodness I was over at the time or they would have been lost... I made her promise that any more goodies like that have to be put safely away until I go over again..

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