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Monday, March 11, 2013

The stories behind the images

Using the second of Itkupilli  Victorian inspired kits  I made this  titled  "A morning walk in the garden"  I thought of Elizabeth Bennett /Darcy  walking in the garden after  her wedding. She looks thoughtful maybe there's a surprise she needs to tell.... 
Credits: Itkupilli  rusty views, spring flowers , roses Victoria clip art 2

I know there's a story behind this one  but I not sure what... I tilted it  " Frolick in the factory"  but I not sure  Why they are in the factory? what's with the Ostrich?.... Maybe the point is that you make up the story.

Credits: itkupilli kits grunge Victorian,  Victorian clip art 2  and spring flowers  and  fabulous images from Tumble fish studios 

and this one was inspired  by the new Jack and the beanstalk movie ...  It was one of my favorite faerie tales as a child ... A magic land in the clouds with untold riches ... a brave hero... magic seeds. Also It reminds me a little of the ending credits to the Monty Python show. I think its the foot ...

Credits: itkupilli kits Asr longa , Feminin, Masculin, Architectural  and Tangier Baxter kit Luminescece

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Unknown said...

I love Frolik in the Factory...When I saw it I thought, "Oh what a great secluded/secretive place for a circus girl to practice a new show with her pet ostrich.

Love them all...and yes, there is always a story behind everything created.


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