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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How would you feel ?

   How would you feel if the photo of your children ended up used in a print advert and you had not been asked you if you minded or even want it to be used in that way. 
 How would you feel if shared  granny secret recipes  and then  someone was promoting your granny secret recipes as their own   they were taking credit for them.  

The answer, you would hate it , you'd be mad as a hatter  but when it comes to the blogging world.... we forget the copyright rules and click, borrow, take images and ideas with no thought to if we should or can. So let me clear it up for you. 

It's okay to see a images and want to share it , get written permission .Ask if you can use it ...or if the site is letting you use them,  Then credit that site.  

Be inspired by some else work but don't just copy it ..... use it as the muse for your own art ..... credit the artist who inspired  YOU. 

~*To clarify....    nothing as far as I know has happening to me as yet but several dear blogging friends have found they images being sold on line ... not a day goes by when I read of someone art been taken without permission ...  with new sites to pin this, pin that   It is all too easy to forgot to credit the right person*~   

My post was just a friendly reminder to do that or the fairy police will be coming to turn you into a toad.  

The protection fairies buttons made by me ( Wendy Aspinall 2013 ) Images credits to hidden vintage studios , Holliewood  designs  and altered emporium at deviant scrap 


Unknown said...

I am sorry for whatever happened to cause you to write this post.
I totally understand your frustration.
I always try to find the original source and Facebook and Pinterest do not make it that easy.
I really hope a picture of yours/someone's child was not used like that.
There is much injustice in this world.
Though I believe things can change one blog at a time!!

If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.

Terri said...

Great post Wendy.So good to be reminded to take the time to record where the image is from and then to post that with the used image. Most of us would never want to steal. Thanks so much for the reminder.

Createology said...

Wendy thank you for doing this post. The message is so very important.

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