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Friday, January 4, 2013

The house looks empty

The house needs some TLC

Now all the christmas decorations came down and the house look empty and boring. Thank goodness I have my christmas present to decorate and pretty up. Yes Mr. H brought  me a Santos, the first of many,  a collection in the making .... I'm thinking  LOL !

Does n't she look pretty now with her necklaces and hat  ( the inspiration for the hat from http://donnaobrien.typepad.com )

I added a bowl of roses and a faerie to the cage 

 I also found a place for the doll I found ... funny how an idea just comes to you sometimes... I had this small basket sitting on a shelf and it works so well as a home for the doll.

I just added and lace collar and some pearls..  and when I get bored of them, they can be taken off without damaging her .


Kim Gillian said...

Pretty vignettes! Have a great week end.

Createology said...

My house is looking quite forlorn too after removing the holiday decor. Your new banner is beautiful. What fun to have a Santos and give her some flair. Your little doll looks right at home in her new spot. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Regina said...

Wendy...you have such a way with decorating and I love it. Your dolls are lovely.

My decorations are still up but only for another week. I have been a bit under the weather (yep..that's my story and I'm sticking to it) so I haven't really had the energy to take them down. Ahhhhhh..hehe


Jacqui said...

Lovely and inspiring! I had never seen a Santos before!

Ms Misantropia said...

We took down Christmas a few days ago, I was so done with it! But yes, then the house looks empty. So I've embarked on my kitchen renovation!

Terri said...

Hello Wendy,
Your new Santos doll is sweet in her hat! It is sad that Christmas is over already, I miss the lights around my neighborhood.
The basket home for your other doll is very sweet as well. Great idea!

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