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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A gypsy's soul flies wild and free

  An altered bottle for a blissfull ART swap

 The bottles are from Hobby lobby...  They have lots of colors... yes I had a hard time picking ! what's new ! but in the end, I picked this tall thin turquoise one and a smaller ruby red one  ...

I added  glitter to the  inside of the bottles  .... TIP: add the glitter and then spray in hairspray... shake 
  Soldered stopper  made with a glass face nugget  and broken jewelry
 It's all about add lots and lots of layers ... first layer tissue paper   .... then images and more handmade paper  and fibers...   Then next beads  large and tiny ones ... paper flowers and butterflies and words..   Phew ! are you tried yet?

Lastly seam binding ribbon and wool tied around the neck of the bottle...  and done .... A altered gypsy soul bottle



Unknown said...

oh all the fibers and faces are fabulous!


Createology said...

And well worth all the layers of deliciousness. This altered bottle is beautiful. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Elizabeth Johnson said...

Ah! Got the comment button to work this time. So ignore my email. : ) Your bottle is beautiful. Thank for the information about glitter inside and hairspray. That's fun!

Unknown said...

Love this bottle! Totally gorgeous!! Your work is always so creative and fun.

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