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Thursday, December 13, 2012

To replace or not to replace....? that is the question

Last weekend  while at my local Antique mall.   I found a vintage doll. A frozen Charlotte doll ..  She had no price on her and so I walked up to ask at the counter ..  I wasn't expecting her to be in my price range  but I asked anyway .... I was thinking she bound to be seventy five to hundred dollar  ONLY to be told that she was fifteen dollar  . Yes you read that, right! fifteen dollars!!!!! 

 This dealer obviously didn't know what he had....Antique German China Doll

circa 19th Century.
 I had to stop myself from doing my happy dance in the middle of the store. Mr H who was with me could believe what I had found.  

Anyway one of her arms was coming loose, so today I gently took off her dress which also looks original and so is the body, legs and arms stuffed with sawdust.  

So very carefully I started to sow back her china arm but she's old  hundred years or so and the cotton body is started to wear ..... I doubt  she last another hundred years with that body. So the question is.... Do I make a new one for her or leave her as is? 

  I didn't buy her to sell but for my pleasure .... I still can't believe I found her.  I love thinking about what she would say to me if she could talk.  Who owned her before?  As it's so close to christmas I wondered was she brought of a young girl as a christmas present? 

As she was made in Germany   Did her Daddy bring her home from the war?


Janet Ghio said...

what a great find!! I say leave her as she is.. or talk with a doll collector to find out the best way to restore her.

BLiSsAngELs said...

that's what my gut tells me too

I did make her so pants (underwear) to cover her legs hoping that will help... I hope i look as good at that age

Joane said...

I'm not sure if you should have her restored or not but, I'm glad she has a happy home where she is loved and appreciated!

Sim said...

What a treasure! You lucky lady! :D

Createology said...

She is a beautiful treasure. She will have a good home with you. Bisque Bliss...

Danise said...

Yeah she is a great find and leave her as she is till you talk to some one who knows the right way to go.Love her.

HI! I'm Tabitha said...

i would not restore the body...original condition is best...that was an AMAZING score

Henny said...

What a great feeling isn't it, to find something you really like.
The doll won't tell you a thing about all she experienced...too bad? No, I think it's just you love her. There must be left a little bit of mystery!
Have a great day!

Susie McMahon said...

Excellent find! However, this is not a "frozen charlotte" which is usually a small, fixed all-bisque or china figure without separate/movable arms and legs and definitely not a cloth body. They were often cooked into puddings (like we used to put coins in Christmas puddings) and were sometimes called "pudding dolls". What you have is a glazed china doll - I think, like this, they are referred to as "low brow" because of how the hair is low in the brow and not swept back. It would actually be OK to make a new body COVERING while leaving the old one intact underneath and it would be a good idea to attach a dated note to say what you have done. That way, you will make the doll's body fit for another hundred years without actually replacing or altering anything essentially. This is actually a much better find than a frozen charlotte.

BLiSsAngELs said...

wow thank you Susan...that's a big help.... hugs wendy

Lynn Stevens said...

What a find Wendy, Shes beautiful. I think Susan has the right idea.
Hugs lynn

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