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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

cakes full of sweetness

 A Christmas cake slice is normal full of fruit and nuts and really to tell the truth I don't like it  but the christmas cake slices from  Peace , Lorraine and Tabitha are the best kind sugary sweet , pretty and best of all...... calorie free. 

This is from Peace , and she filled it not with cream  but wonderful crafting goodies. 
 This next one is from Lorraine.... she gave me a sugar plum fairy  look isn't she just darling in her purple dress. 
super delicious goodies too ..... I'm one lucky lady. 
and lastly Tabitha's cake slice looks look enough to eat  and who's not drooling at the goodies. 

These are the ones I made  ... for Peace 
for Loraine 

and for Tabitha 

and here are the goodies inside. 
 Thank you to Peace , Lorraine and Tabitha for swapping with me 


ImagiMeri said...

Hi Wendy,

All those luscious goodies...so much good sugar.

Hey I contacted you about joining up with Blissful ATC's again, and I was wondering if I could participate again.


Regina said...

Ohhh what wonderful sweets and goodies. You are always doing something fun and creative.


Healing Woman said...

They are all so lovely and magical looking.

Sim said...

What a wonderful world! :)

Denise said...

I loved the two I received from My partners they were so gorgeous I put them on cake plates.

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