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Friday, September 28, 2012

The moonlight party under the big top

The moon is bright; the stars are shining down on the black-and- white-striped big top. 

 The sideshows and acts are ready to add some magic and wonder  to the night air 
The ring master comes forward, "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the circus of Dreams," and no sooner as he had said the words the clowns arrive in a flurry of glitter.

Next is Alice with fluttering butterflies, they magically appear in a cloud of stardust....... fluttering into the night sky and then bursting into a rainbow of stars 
We take to the high wire next for the beautiful twin sisters  Night and Gale has they fly through the air 
Next the dancing bears, a mother and her cub dance and clap in time with the music. 

As the lights dim the elephants parade into the ring followed by their beautiful trainer. 

Daring feats of high-wire balancing come next as the beautiful Miss Daisy walks across the circus banner
Here is the lion, his coat so stunning under the magical lights that it seems to glow 

More clowns arrive, this time they juggle balls and stars so fast they become a haze of color  and then suddenly they're gone. The circus ring is empty and dark... when suddenly
Out of the darkness a beam of light falls on the fabulous acrobat, she twists and curls and bends and folds while at the same time she  holds twin moons on her feet.

The darkness closes in and the lights of the circus fade, the tired but happy audience slowly return home. 
    The circus of dreams disappears with the morning light. 

 Thank you for coming to my circus blog party, okay now for a giveaway......   This circus theme altered tin,  can be yours... leave a comment and on  October 1st.......  I 'll pull out a winner.

Good luck !

Here's the Link back to the rest of the side shows and don't forget 

Le Mysteriex Carnival will be arriving soon


 I have to swaps to show you  the first it from Karla  http://sketchbookmailartclub.blogspot.com/ for the All Harrows Eve altered cabinet card swap 
  isn't the spookiest .. thank you Karla  and next the king of Halloween himself EA Poe 
 Artist trading cards from Mary Ann

and Kim.  Thank you all      

  The circus is setting up the tents and my moonlight party under the big top post is coming up later  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pumpkin eater


  Peter, peter pumpkin eater,
had a wife but couldn't keep her;

he put her in a pumpkin shell 
And there he kept her very well.

would you like to make one ?

you're need  a paper mache pumpkin  , cut in half 
black and cream coloured paint
pages from a book 
 lots of glitter
fall picks, leaves , acorns  crows   

first cut the paper mache pumpkin in half , I used a craft knife.  paint the outside black and the inside cream . Let dry

now paper mache the inside with torn pieces of the old book pages  while still wet, sprinkle with sliver glitter.  Let dry.

Cut out a moon image , ink the edges and using some foam dots to add dimension glue to the back of the pumpkin.   Then add a creepy house using foam dots again and glue it to the moon .. you want a layers look to add dimension to your scene 

 now glue down moss around the house. 

Pull the fall flora picks apart until you have two or three stems.... twist them to make a tree shape .... glue into your scene 

Now add pumpkin images and 3D pumpkins , acorns , mushrooms  etc.
  lastly add Peter or his wife 

 the inside is done 

Now the edge needs to be covered, I used a long strip of black tulle  and hot glued it around to hide the edge.( watch your fingers with the hot glue )    

Nearly finished 

just add some more of the pick stems, leaves , acorns  and a crow to the top of the pumpkin

 you now have a spooky pumpkin


hugs Wendy

credits: images from Lisa's altered art 

 Nichole at pixie hill http://blog.pixiehill.com/

she has a wonderful video tutorial on how to make mushrooms 

thanks you for sharing 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A wee witches house

This fabulous piece of witchy whimsy is from my dear friend  Beckie Loyall .. http://whymsicalmusings.blogspot.com 

Isn't is wonderful, one might even say BOO-t-ful  

watch out the witches are in, I think I see some toil and trouble 

He looks as if he's up to no good , something wicked this way comes 
Thank you Beckie  Love it! 

the excitement is rising

With only 3 days to go until the moonlight party under the big top..... My studio and house is in full circus mode....  there is so much glitter on my table the dogs have it over their back each time their walk under .... Willow has agree she will wear a clown's hat  but Acorn's still thinking about it.   

 Remember to have your post up and running on the night before the 29th so it's ready for our overseas guests..... and add your party link to the comments at  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

faerie book

 Karla  http://karlascottage.typepad.com/karlascottage/ wonderful front cover with one of her paintings on the front  and then all these stunning pages from 
  Designed by Terri Gordon
 Designed  by Amy Bauer  
 Designed by Kim Smith  
 Designed by Robin Sanchez  http://onceuponapinkmoon.blogspot.com
 Designed by Becky Handforth  http://beckie.handforth.blogspot.com
 Designed by Deborah Bonner
 Designed by Rosanne Van Etten  
Designed by  Susan Warnick

Each one is a masterpiece, thank you..  The whole book is so stunning I can't stop looking at it ... big thank you to Karla for hosting  this fun  swap.  She worked really hard, on top of putting the books together  she has a house full of oh so cute puppies ..... 

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