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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Spooktacular Kit

Available now at http://www.deviantscrap.com but only for a few weeks   Six boo-t-ful  themed kits plus a Bonus alpha kit from Crow about studios B  

spoiler alert.....

 Spoiler Alert for Karla and Janet ... if your name is Karla or Janet...  please turn a way from your computer now..................... and leave the room and don't come back until I tell you 

Okay, have they gone?  ( whispering)

 This is the ghost of the white Lady who wanders the grounds searching for her lost love... It's a Gothic tale of jealousy and murder  
 Here's the cabinet card before I altered it. It's going to Karla for the All hallows Eve altered cabinet card swap at the blissfullART group. 

  HEY! I see you looking... boy! some people ... Have they gone ? 

And this is my Vintage haunted Halloween 
shrine for Janet also for a blissfullART swap  ... This is the good witch Joan who famous for her spice pumpkin tea and toad cookies made with fresh toad

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the harvest Moon

With only a few days until the first of September , the fall season. My thoughts are drawn to the changing leaves on the trees.   
 like magic the evenings start to cool down and the air becomes filled with promise of fall and Halloween .... Like most bloggers I'm already thinking about Halloween...and I have lots to show you over the coming days.   
 Fall also brings such beautiful moons,  harvest moons bright and golden hued  . That's what inspired these ATC's for a swap at VPI 

Monday, August 27, 2012

13 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN ... the Schroom Fairy

  Another wonderful mini kit from Hidden Vintage studios  available here http://www.deviantscrap.com... this one is so cute it should come with a warning  

This is Tinka the Mushroom Fairy 

she's been busy in my garden, look at all the beautiful mushrooms popping up  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

felt me

 Making felt as always been on my "To do list" ....  yes it's a long list with making glass beads and trying to throw a pot....   I mean on a pottery wheel NOT at the wall ... LOL  

So I jumped at the chance to swap supplies with 

Shes dyes and spins wool 

 this is what arrived 

this is it felted... My first piece ... the process is very interesting How the wool changes and knits together with just the use of hot water , soap and some agitation.    

and this is what I made with it...... tiny faerie shoes.

Monday, August 20, 2012

13 weeks of Halloween

This weeks kit from hidden vintage studios is Miss Black hat 1792. With the boo-t-ful miss Sabrina  Toad stinker winner of the Miss black hat  

Available today at http://www.deviantscrap.com

All these kits come with png files but also included the collage sheets ready for you to print and create ... perfect for digital and cut and paste artists 

I made a cut and paste artist trading card and a digital piece 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

where faeries live

 faeries live in cute houses just like this ...... this is for Lou  and it's winging it's way as I type..... 

Nut will insisted on climbing on to the roof, he 's looking to catch a ride from a passing dragonfly.   
 and May-bud is praying for rain, her flowers need a drink
and Willow tree is just shy, let's not look at her.  

Oops look who fell asleep sitting on the back of a mouse.... faerie Pip.... 

I forgot to tell you the faerie images are from http://moonlightjourney.blogspot.com 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My first animation ......... my sisters first animation Tim eat your heart out LOL

A bit of halloween fun from my sister Julie....  it's her first  animation film  and i don't think it will be her last      here's her link

running away to join the circus

  I 'm in full circus mode now making art of my post for the  moonlight party under the big top

The side shows are getting ready, the performers are honing their acts... I'm popping the popcorn, hanging the banners and adding glitter and magic to everything  

There's still time if you'd like to run away to the circus too...
follow this link


I Love getting nice mail , not bills , mailers or junk but parcels filled with goodies . I had nice mail this weekend ..

this fabulous altered cabinet card 

 from Linda Koch http://alteredvisionsfiber.blogspot.com/

Click on the photo to see all the details,lots of layers  Thank you Linda I love it..  

Also thank you for the extra goodies too 

Monday, August 13, 2012


Week two of the 13 weeks of Halloween and another spooky mini kit from hidden vintage studios... available today at deviant scrap  http://www.deviantscrap.com

The Haunted Library

sad tale of the Maud the Librarian, who was killed while replacing a copy of Bookshelf Maintenance and You when a particularly old bookshelf collapsed and crushed her under the weight of the teen romance section.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

come children to where the faeries play

 Eight pages for the faerie book hosted by Karla Nathan   http://karlascottage.typepad.com  You know Iv'e been in my element  making these pages. 
Karla's going to blind them into books for us  and we will have our very our magical books filled with faeries pages from all over... Can't wait...

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