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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Faerie Shoe

Children, children don't forget
There are elves and faeries yet,
where the knotty Hawthorne grew
Look for prints of faerie toes.

Where the glassy ring over green,
 moonlight dances shall be seen,
Watch and wait O lucky you.
 If you find a faerie shoe.

For a ransom he will pay 
hobbling barefoot all the day.
Lay it on a mushroom seat,

Wish and wish  and go on your way.
If you wish should be discreet,
never fear but  he will pay.

thanks to Anna at http://frostedpetunias.blogspot.com/2012/06/midsummer-fairy-shoe.html 

hosting the midsummer dream faerie shoe challenge


Marfi-topia said...

this is so breathtaking!It almost looks like a confection!
thank you for sharing.

Chrislyn said...

What a beautiful, sweet baby shoe! The poem is just precious!


Chrislyn said...

P.S.---I am sorry if more than one comment has been made--I could not get it to take my words-I tried several times, but I just realized it may have just been the moderation--soo sorry!

Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh this is stunning, what a great Shoe, Love the wording too, Love Hazelxo

Jane K said...

Such a lovely shoe, perfect for a dreamy fairy day.

J x

Sinderella's Studio said...

dreamy! beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh Wendy, what an enchanting creation and poem to go with it. You are remarkable. Happy fairy day, my friend!

AJ Blanton said...

This is lovely!

fairyrocks said...

Awe these are too sweet. And I do believe too...I have spent my fair share of time looking under toadstools for a forgotten fairy shoe too.
Keep smiling and creating.

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