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Thursday, March 15, 2012


 As artist I feel very strongly about copyright infringement and to looks like Pinterest is getting a lots of press about it.

 The violations are so wide spread.
 It was estimated that 99% of what is pinned to Pinterest is done so in violation of Pinterest's own terms as well as  violation of existing copyright laws. And here's really the bad news, the user agreement seems to make the user/pinner ( that's you or me)  responsible and therefore the one that gets sued for infringement first if they pin things without permission or infringe upon the copyrights of others.

  So you think "I know I'll just pin my own work and add my name and  link", even though Pinterest doesn't really want you to self promote yourself.

 But then here the really kicker.....  get ready... By pinning our own art on Pinterest we are giving permission to Pinterest to not only profit from our work/content, but to do with it as they wish, essentially giving up the rights to our own work.

so what is the answer.....  well for a start pin correctly...  please read this. 

 If you pin any of my photos, please pin them correctly. Please do not click on the photo and then pin it. It will not direct anyone back to my blog. It will only give the address of the photo on the blogspot server and will not be able to give credit. 
but also some of the photo on my blog are of other artist work....and I always add the links to their blogs... if you want to use their images please go to their blogs to pin and remember to link back to them.

interesting link for you to to read ... please spread the word



Ana Cristina Caldatto said...

levei duas imagens suas
com devido credito e link de seu blog

como uma forma de fácil encontrar!

espere que autorize, caso contrario retiro de meus pins!


peggy gatto said...

I left them last week!

Nichola said...

You know, I love pinterest. I get lost in the gorgeousness of everything. But I emailed pinterest directly when I first heard about this hub-bub. I asked them point blank "Does this mean you can sell my images to a third party?" Guess what... no answer. That silence makes me very, very nervous.

Anne said...

A real concern about Pinterest, unfortunately... :( Such a lovely blog! So glad I found you; I'm now a follower!
Anne ♥♥

mercedes scott said...

well said, Wendy!

Mosaic Magpie said...

Well said my friend.

Wendy said...

Thanks for the information. I love pinterest and will definitely spread the word about the correct way to Pin. I hope Pinterest fixes this but they are already so big that they probably won't.

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