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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


 Today is the day I show  you the fantastical valentines tins I received from my partners ...Lorraine and Marfi Both Loraine and Marfi send tins and goodies so sweet and fabulous that poor Mr Husband is going to have a hard time trying to top them on Valentines day.....This is the tin from Lorraine ... look at that cute face and look she's carrying a cup cake ... I wonder if the frosting cream cheese??? Isn't it amazing ..... Lorraine thank you dear friend... I love it and thank you for the extra goodies..... the stamp is so pretty.... 
Now for Marfi ... Marfi and I have a love for the work of Lisa Kettle .. I love the whimsical elements she adds to all her work .... well Marfi's tin has the same feel, its fun and fanciful..... and again it has cupcakes in fact a whole cake shop.... Marfi also send extra goodies which I love.... thank you dear friend .... How can one person be so lucky to two stupendous tins in one week.... from two marvelous friends....


Something Special said...

Those are all so very lovely. Next year we should have a swap at Valentine's where you fill up a little paper mache' heart like the ones you have here and fill them up like a matchbox swap. Wish I would have thought of it before.

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

These are so Beautiful Wendy! You must Be Thrilled! Marti and Lorraine did a Fabulous Job!
Thank You for being our Hostess!
Have a Wonderful Evening!

Sinderella's Studio said...

getting ready to make some hearts this weekend myself. 5 of the g-kids coming overnight sooooo hearts will abound! Love yours.
cheers, dana

Terri said...

Totally sweet, totally adorable! Lucky you to receive all these Valentine goodies! It gives Mr. Husband something to reach for : )

Linda said...

Hello Wendy,
The tins are beautiful! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Hugs from me!

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