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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

jUsT pReTtY

Today it's overcast and dull ... days like this I just want to look at something pretty.

 I found some toy blocks at Target.... they were asking to be altered.....  No really they were screaming at "BUY ME !" Well that's what I told Mr. H when he saw them ..... He give me that look!  You know the look I'm talking about ...They are now happy because they have be altered into something pretty. Really can't you hear them whispering "I'm pretty"  

As the hatter would say "We are all mad here " 
 and talking of Alice  look at the beautiful hostess gift from Victoria. Thank you I love it! 


Monday, February 27, 2012

So excited...........

I'm so excited and I can't hide it I'm so excited and I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it.......
Oops! I have this song going around my brain but I am excited because last week I received an email from Rian at riandesigns  asking if I would become part of her design team...... Woo hoo!

  She is lunching a new line of collage sheets.....And I with along with Marja, Sim, Electra and Kaylene get to create with them first.

 I'll show you my first piece next week in line with Rina's release  of her sheets... in the meantime,here's the link.  

Saturday, February 25, 2012


In faeries at the bottom of the garden, in a treasure at the end of a rainbow. In unicorns and white knights. 
Childhood is so quickly over, hold on to your childlike wonder for it is a gift, that once lost is hard to find.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Egg Inspired

 Inspired to make a egg ....


 Images from Paper Whimsy

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Titled  "funny hat"

images from scrap-booking .com

love is still in the air

I have one more piece of Valentines art to show you .... It came from my partner in Joanne's valentine matchbox swap... remember, we had to made three mini ATC to fit inside a small matchbox ... well here's the one from my partner Wendy YES! another Wendy... We are everywhere just like weeds LOL 

Thank you Wendy for my matchbox and the extra goodies and big thanks to Joanne for hosting

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aged ....

I have something different to show you...  
 I'm going the the art and soul retreat in June and one of events they do is swaps or trades.... all the artists make small trades to swap out with each other... so while you eating or going up or down in the lifts there's swaps going on ... sound's fun doesn't it.

 I didn't know what to make ... I thought ATC's but then I spied all the lids to the mint tins... the theme of the retreat is " puttin on the Ritz"  Top hats , steampunk , Victorian.  I wanted them to look old and wore .. I would normally paint the backs but this time I sanded them and left them natural  so you can see that they are tin old lids.... I liked the worn , rough texture with the lace and pretty images. I have about twenty or so to make... but I'm pleased with them so far .. I plan to glue a magnet to the backs and maybe add some cogs and watch bits...


The wonderful world of Alice

The theme of the swap over at Blissfull ATC swap group is the mad , mad world of Alice in wonderland... Here are the two wonderful ATC I got

My partners were Mercedes 

"Have I gone mad?" said the hatter
"I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are."replied Alice.

 and Karla


Thank you ! I love my Alice ATC... " Do you know why a raven is like a writing desk?"

Monday, February 20, 2012

Here's a new swap in town

My dear friend Kim has started an new swap blog...  her first swap is going to be 1 inch x 3 inch mini cards. I love making these fun mini cards....I'm ready to play

   Come join in the fun..  http://tabbysswaps.blogspot.com/

swaps back

I have two stunning swaps to show you both from the amazingly talented ladies at Paper Traders

first a love note swap... each person made five envelopes with a note inside with a love poem or quote.. We all made our own books to put them in...... this is my book fill with astonishingly beautiful envelopes  .

and the Mardi Gras ATC swap 

Amanda Evans,Addy Lazar,Nancy Slaby,Cathy Calmase,Beckie Holso

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tutorial.... An Altered Altoids tin

Tutorial.... Let's make... An Altered Altoids tin
 you'll need: an empty Altoids tin....or two because once you make one you'll want to make more. 
Sand paper
Decorative paper
Ribbon if you want to hang it but you could used wire or use cotton reels for wheels or an wood candle holder.
Embellishments..... paper flowers , lace , tulle, moss...  anything and everything 
Foam tape or small pieces of foam core card

 Decoupage glue and a hot glue gun

Baby wipes for your messy fingers 

Step one: I'm going to take the lid off my tin ... to turn in into a shrine but you can leave it on.... the lids can be used in a later project.   Sand the whole tin  and when done... wipe off the dust... You want to get a tooth to the surface so the paint or paper will hold.... this is the time you can paint the whole tin but today I 'm going to just use the paper.... I like using spray paint ... in cream but also black looks good if you are making an Halloween tin... I have also used gold.  If you are painting let your tin dry overnight .

Step two:
Cut two pieces of your decorative paper to fit the inside  and the back of the tin ...
I use this glue, it holds really well and because it a decoupage glue sealer. I can seal my paper with it too

 I do the inside and then work on the outside....I know it looks like a lot of glue but I use this the seal the paper... use your fingers to push any air bubbles out... messy I know but you will get the paper to stick well .... I use brown ink to age the paper.

Step three: the sides needs to be covered  I have used strips of my paper to do this ... lace , thin ribbon but I love the Tim Holst's tissues tape myself.

If you are hanging your tin this is a good time to add the ribbon or wire ... you can drill holes before you start sanding your tin.

I  push the ribbon through glue and then cover with more tissue tape or masking tape...

 Step Four.... play time...cover the sides with glue...covering the tissue tape to hide the ribbon.... add lots of glitter and let dry ...... when dry... tip out the surplus glitter

while you are waiting for the glue to dry, cut your images out ... I like to use small nail scissors...

Arrange your images... using the foam tape or I sometime use small cut pieces of foam core card and bump out you images to make them 3D

I now add the embellishments....

I add banners, pieces of floral picks.. more images, wide ribbon,  paper flowers, seam binding ribbon mixed with tulle.

Just about everything and anything.Lastly I'm using a candle holder as a base ... I stained it with ink and added some more tulle and ribbon and some flowers

 Almost done I believe the back should be as pretty as the front so I added a rosette and don't forget to sign your masterpiece. 

 Okay so off you go..... Create, Play and Enjoy
Please let me know if you create a tin..... I would love to see it

Hugs Wendy

Thank you to Evelyn Kennedy Duncan at  http://ekduncan.blogspot.com/ 
for the use of the Maria image

for the freebie of the vintage floral print banners


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