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Friday, January 6, 2012

The heart and flower Valentine tin swap

 The swap is now closed we have all our 14 swappers.. thank you

Serendipity the occurrence of something by chance in a fortunate way

A email from Marti asking if I was planning another swap and a chance find at my local Pubilx of this

So here we go The heart and flower valentine tin swap.. Think LOVE....

This will be a swap with only 14 players.

Also the the mailing date is the 1st of February.... no delays.

I want everyone to have their tins by Valentines day so if you think you can't deliver for that date. Please do not sign up... The sign up will stay open until Monday 14th January or until full.

Please take the button to spread the word...

If you can find one of these heart shaped tin then do use that but if not use the
 50g tin square tins .. you can use it as is with the lid or take the lid off to make it in to a shrine... or add a hanger...  add chocolates inside... add a booklet of love poems. It is up to you...

If you are interested email me at BLISS.WDA@GMAIL.COM
with your Name, Mailing address, blog address and email


Cindy Adkins said...

Oh that is totally adorable!! I hope that everyone has lots of fun playing along...It will be wonderful!!!

Lorraine said...

Hi Wendy!! So glad to hear you are hosting this swap, I'd love to play and have sent my into.

xo Lorraine

Ivy said...

Ooooo....love the heart shaped tin! xo

Marti McClure said...

Thanks so much Wendy for hosting again. I just love your swaps!

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