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Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy mail week.......... part one

I'm having a happy mail day today ... actually all week has been happy mail .... I have so much lovely mail to show you I'm going to do it in two parts... first Big thank you to Karla for the bag of turkey feathers she send ...   

We are swapping out but I have a problem when we agree to this swap there was lots of beautiful Acorns with their caps littering the ground but alas this week only one's without caps .. so I went on line hoping I could buy some to send to her but did you know "there's a Acorn shortage this year"...  No really ! too much rain made the trees produce less Acorns  .....I'm so thankful that Karla as kindly offered to wait until next year when I promise to send her lots of  Acorns

 Second beautiful  surprise mail is from my friend Becky....A jingle, jolly Maria ATC and a snow queen card... Thank you Becky I love my gifts... back soon with part two of happy mail week


MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

IOU Acorns....tooooo funny....but I will cash that in next autumn! Glad you love the beautiful feathers. I am amazed at how the gleem in the light!
Hugs Karla

Anonymous said...

So beautiful Wendy! I had no idea there was an acorn shortage this year. Poor little squirrels and deer.

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