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Friday, December 23, 2011

A gift for a special lady and a gift from a special lady

That special lady is my mum. She has an birthday coming up in January  and this is what I made for her ... I hope she likes it. the images is from paper whimsy... My new favorite resource for stunning images. I don't think there's one I don't love and want in my collection.

And talking of special ladies I had a surprise parcel arrive this morning from Mercedes  http://mercedesscott.typepad.com/.. First I cried because of all the thought she put into this surprise and then laughed out loud...
Fuel...... need I say more!

 Yes they are empty and ready to use.... but she also send some vintage goodies too

Vintage wallpaper and sheet music and a red box filled with all manor of Christmas goodies and as if that wasn't enough to stop my heart...... an winter wonderland ATC.

Thank you ,thank you  Dear Mercedes for your generous gift.

Hugs Wendy


peggy gatto said...

Merry to you merry and happy and joy!!!!!!

peggy gatto said...

Merry to you merry and happy and joy!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh Wendy what a fun gift to recieve. Those tins should last you at least a few months. ;-)

I love the gift you made for your mother. So very beautiful. King said to tell you and your furry loves thank you so much for the birthday serenade. Hugs to you.

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