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Monday, November 21, 2011


Do you ever have so much stuff on your crafting table you can't think where to start. My table is full and I have half finish projects everywhere that my brain is ready to exploded. I have several swaps to finish,but it instead of working on one I'm trying to do them all at the same time ... so save myself from going crazy I have stopped.... come to the computer and I'm going to reboot... breathe.... and think of passed Christmas's

This season is busy,I feel sometimes that I'm so wrapped up with what to buy everyone  that I forget the real reason I enjoy this time of year...... Family. All our family is in England and Christmas has always been difficult for me.. ...

When my Nanna was alive; she and Gramps would coming over on Christmas day... but it's not Christmas lunch I remember but Christmas teatime. My mum would fill the table.
.... sandwiches, vol vets, mini quiches, minced pies , cakes and trifle.

And of course Christmas cake with thick white icing... that looked like the snow outside... she would always put a mini Christmas tree,  holly and Santa figurine on the top.

After we had eaten.  My Nanna would bring out a paper mache snowman, It was hollow inside and she would fill in with small gifts...lipsticks, wooden games, paper fans, toys but the one year that is burnt on my brain is the year she give everyone underwear.....no really! the whole table unwrapped  parcels filled with knickers and Yfronts....(that's panties for all who's who don't know what knickers are)  

This was the same year I brought my new boyfriend, my future husband. Imagine the embarrassment as I pulled out a pair of knickers. If the floor could have opened up and swallowed me I would have been happy because not only was the gift..... panties but they had to be the most un sexy, granny pants she could have found....LOL
So I'm thinking..... 

I wonder if I could make a hollow snowman.. He He!


Wicked Faerie Queen said...

Oh Wendy, your post made me smile. I am Norwegian and British and my Nana, who was the British one, was always my Christmas Angel. I think of her and my grampa so much this time of year and how much fun Christmas was on their farm. I know what you mean about being so busy. It seems like the mantle has fallen to me since my grandparents are gone and my family assumes that the holidays magically happen just like when they were little. It is so important to take the time to enjoy Christmas way before the 25th. because once it is here you wonder where it went so fast.

Relax & Enjoy

Wicked Faerie Queen said...

... and by the way I think you should do a hollow snowman and fill it with knickers (the grannie panty kind).


Janet Ghio said...

i loved hearing about your Christmas traditions. thanks for sharing them!! Can't wait to see that snowman!!

Lesley said...

Oh Wendy this was a fun post. I got rather large granny like underwear one year from my MIL, I am a petite woman and I have no idea what she was thinking. Too cute and funny at the same time.
Now for that hollow snowman, how about this.....take some balloons depending on the size of this snowman and attach them together, do some paper mache, let that dry then pop the balloons. cut open an opening. paint the snomman, fill up with treats , make a hat or just use an adult hat and scarf. Voila, hollow snowman. If I lived closer we could do it together. Would be loads of fun.
Try finishing one project at a time then you will be more focused and try to say NO I can't do any more trades before Christmas, I know it is fun but sometimes it is too much for us to handle.
Take care dear friend.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I loved reading about your Christmas memories! I had a good giggle about the Knickers and Yfronts! I watch Are You Being Served so I knew what those were! *giggling*


Beverly said...

What a wonderful story...the kind family traditions are made of. What will you put in the hollow snowman this year I wonder?

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

ha ha ha ha Wendy how delightful to read your posty today!!! I once got granny knickers for Weihnacten from my Oma in Bavaria....so long ago I have almost forgotten until your sweet reminder...
I miss my family in Germany at this time of year so much...like you miss yours...
soft hugs, Karla

Terri said...

Yes, I too am this busy with a table full of projects! I look forward to seeing all the fab things you are creating.
I love the panty story! What a hoot!

Unknown said...

You should of said early.. I would have sent you a pair of knickers!
I could alway craft them up so their abit more appealing! x
lots of love Julie

Unknown said...

AWESOME!! I love your granny!! I can't wait to see your snowman and I agree you should sooo fill it with huge granny panties!! Hahaha

Unknown said...

Oh I soooo understand GIRLFRIEND:) I love your creation and I love you too! Sending a Thanksgiving Hug your way sweet Wendy:)

Lynn Stevens said...

hahahahah oh my gosh you must have been mortified. But your future hubby must have really enjoyed it. LOL
Loved your story of your holiday tradition and your granny panties.!!!
Hugs Lynn

Anonymous said...

What absolutely beautiful memories and a hilarious one about the knickers. ;-)

I can imagine how you must miss England, particularly at the holidays and my heart is with you.

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