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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pure Eye Candy

This next post is about eye candy... something so beautiful and inspired that you want to keep looking at it.

It comes with thanks from Mercedes http://mercedesscott.typepad.com/, a while ago Mercedes and I signed up to take part in spell book swap... I sent her a spell book based on the Practical magic movie... Mercedes asked if I'd like a spell book about dark angels,  well as you all know angels have a special place in my heart....especially dark angels... so I shouted YES at my computer.. and yesterday this special parcel arrived.
Just look at the embellished vintage photo and the lace hankie...

Oh my own faerie princess,I've hung her on my iron bed. I love waking up to see pretty things... and she is pretty but wait there's more......

Without even opening the first page, I knew this spell book would be beautiful....

 and I wasn't wrong... I was breathless for a few minutes.... as I turned the pages.... spellbound , pure eye candy.

Thank you Mercedes I don't have the words to say how much I love this spell book ... I could spent hours looking at it and I will treasure it forever. 


fairyrocks said...

Wendy, this is stunning work. I can see this spell book is for 'good' only!!
Pure magic Ms Mercedes!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh she is a talented lady! Both items are simply gorgeous. I know it is wonderful to wake up to that lovely fairy princess. Hugs dear friend.

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