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Monday, November 28, 2011


It's bad when I only get to rest my poor feet by nicking a few minutes on the computer... it's all go... the boys pulled out the Christmas trees over the thanksgiving break and now they have gone bad to school. I have to get them beautified.... It 's been a all day job but last all three are pretty.... Want to see?

Actually it was a nice job to do .. the weather is horrible today , windy and rainy so the only thing to do on a day like this is to stay in the dry and pull out the Christmas decorations.

And thanks to the  birthday pressy from my sister Julie on Saturday I was also able to make a few new pieces for the white tree.... Julie send this parcel of goodies... thanks babe! I love everything

But look who dog tried from all the decorating....Acorn.
That or he's waiting for Santa dog to put his gifts under the tree...


Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh, both trees look soooo beautiful!
I am sure glad, you grabbed a moment for pics!
thank you for sharing!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful trees, but do you have two in your home??

LuLu Kellogg said...

Great job Wendy! Everything looks beautiful! I love the pic of sweet Acorn under the tree :)


Ann said...

your trees are beautiful!!
3 of them..goodness....your house must be huge!

Cameron said...

3 trees?! Are you mad? Haha! Must be mad for Christmas!
They are beautiful...I love how you get to do something different with each of them!

...Acorn! I think that is the cutest name for a caramel colored pup I've ever heard! Adorable!

Art From The heart said...

Oh my such beautiful trees! And what a great goodie bag of fun.

Anonymous said...

Your trees are gorgeous! Oh my goodness...3 trees...it would take me to Christmas day to get them all decorated. ;-)

You and your sister are such talented siblings.

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