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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The sugar plum faeries

 When is a addiction bad? when you can't stop? well I have a bad addiction to making these altered tins... I even asked Mr. Husband to buy more tins because I wanted to make two more sugar plum faerie tins..... Yeah I'm bad.. But they are so sugary sweet that I can't help myself... I'm not sure if  I could add anymore glitter to them, but I darn well tried.

The upside..... everyones breathe is minty fresh. Ha Ha!or should I say Ho Ho!


I have goodies to show you today from Karla...Karla and I swapped ATC for the Blissfull ATC swap. The theme Thankful.... Mmmm! Thankful it's a good theme because everyone is thankful for different things... My list is long but at the top of that list is my Family, but I also have chocolate and tea, both items I can't live without...

 This is the ATC Karla sent ...Titled 'Over the river and through the woods " I love that is opens to this Victorian scene. Very cool ! Also Karla sent some real turkey feathers .. oh my! they are so pretty... also some teas called Christmas eve and Eggnogg'n  ... Mmmm I can't wait to brew them up. Thank you Karla for the wonderful ATC and the extra goodies.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So what was I to do with all the tin lids I have lying around... when I make one of my altered mint tins, I like to take the lids off so I have a collection.... and it grows bigger each day.. soon I'll be under a mountain of tin lids... I feel a project coming on

 Okay this is what I made... A sugar plum faerie tin lid ornament.  The images are from paper whimsy's line of goth faeries.... I love them.

This one is winging it's way to a friend...Oops! sorry about the pun I could help myself... I hope she likes it. Also my tin for the Christmas cheer swap is also in the mail to my partner Jill.... photos soon... I hope she likes her tin too...
Well back to my collection

Monday, November 28, 2011


It's bad when I only get to rest my poor feet by nicking a few minutes on the computer... it's all go... the boys pulled out the Christmas trees over the thanksgiving break and now they have gone bad to school. I have to get them beautified.... It 's been a all day job but last all three are pretty.... Want to see?

Actually it was a nice job to do .. the weather is horrible today , windy and rainy so the only thing to do on a day like this is to stay in the dry and pull out the Christmas decorations.

And thanks to the  birthday pressy from my sister Julie on Saturday I was also able to make a few new pieces for the white tree.... Julie send this parcel of goodies... thanks babe! I love everything

But look who dog tried from all the decorating....Acorn.
That or he's waiting for Santa dog to put his gifts under the tree...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Wishing all my blogging friends a happy and safe Thanksgiving..

Open theme VPI Yahoo group

Whimsical Vintage Christmas.....The images are from itkuilli and whimsicalmusings

A white Christmas faerie

Who would of thought that you could make a faerie from cup cake cases , but that what this Christmas faerie is made from. I've add a vintage candle holder under her dress so she can be hooked on to the  tree . The idea came from Lisa Kettell. Not only does she have fun ideas on her blog but she also has a book which I asked for for my birthday ... it arrived yesterday and OH boy! It is in full of fun and cute ideas.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


 Wonderful ATC's from the VPI yahoo group
the theme Autumn in Paris...
Lynn, Jan, Trisha, Alice, Kris, Emma.....  Thank you for your beautiful ATC's and big super sized thank you to Kris for hosting. 

Also big thank you to Martina for this beautiful Arch and the extra goodies too ..   This is Martina's blog she is a talented artist .. please pop over to see her work .. it's stunning.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Do you ever have so much stuff on your crafting table you can't think where to start. My table is full and I have half finish projects everywhere that my brain is ready to exploded. I have several swaps to finish,but it instead of working on one I'm trying to do them all at the same time ... so save myself from going crazy I have stopped.... come to the computer and I'm going to reboot... breathe.... and think of passed Christmas's

This season is busy,I feel sometimes that I'm so wrapped up with what to buy everyone  that I forget the real reason I enjoy this time of year...... Family. All our family is in England and Christmas has always been difficult for me.. ...

When my Nanna was alive; she and Gramps would coming over on Christmas day... but it's not Christmas lunch I remember but Christmas teatime. My mum would fill the table.
.... sandwiches, vol vets, mini quiches, minced pies , cakes and trifle.

And of course Christmas cake with thick white icing... that looked like the snow outside... she would always put a mini Christmas tree,  holly and Santa figurine on the top.

After we had eaten.  My Nanna would bring out a paper mache snowman, It was hollow inside and she would fill in with small gifts...lipsticks, wooden games, paper fans, toys but the one year that is burnt on my brain is the year she give everyone underwear.....no really! the whole table unwrapped  parcels filled with knickers and Yfronts....(that's panties for all who's who don't know what knickers are)  

This was the same year I brought my new boyfriend, my future husband. Imagine the embarrassment as I pulled out a pair of knickers. If the floor could have opened up and swallowed me I would have been happy because not only was the gift..... panties but they had to be the most un sexy, granny pants she could have found....LOL
So I'm thinking..... 

I wonder if I could make a hollow snowman.. He He!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


for all the birthday wishes...The day hasn't turned out how I thought it would  ... after dropping Mr. B off at school I came home with migraine headache.... so the morning was spend lying on the bed with Willow and Acorn...but seeing your wishes have brighten my day and the pain is starting to go away...

Thank you to Mina and Sue for the beautiful digital images... faeries and cake my two favorite things.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Foot sore, but happy...

I'm back although I didn't want to leave the NYC.... the city is beautiful at this time of year. The trees in Central park were wonderful... We stayed at the Ritz Carlton , so we could see the park. We went to the hells kitchen flea, antique market. 

I loved Chelsea, like it counterpart in London it is very trendy and fun...

I found some cabinet cards

and then we found a English pub inspired restaurant... I had to laugh... I didn't have a york strip but Fish and chips LOL..
Time to walk three blocks to tinsel trading... pass two blocks of fabric stores.. if you like sewing that is the place to go....My mouth was watering at the array of fabric...I popped in one of the stores to buy some the bias ribbon... and was overwhemed with the choice of colors... I brought pink , purple and white which I want to hand die.

Next tinsle trading OMG ! I love this store. I could spend hours going throught all the boxes... looking at flowers , trims  and ribbons... but I had a list... just look at the wall of flowers.

and the windon diplay. I'm thinking how cool those banners would look over my fireplace....

So what did I buy,some German scraps, some ribbon flowers , mushrooms,leaves and a mixture of vintage embelishments...My fingers were itching to play with them.

BUT.. my feet were aching, so back to the hotel for afternoon tea .... well I can't go a whole day without a cup of tea... but they didn't just bring a pot of tea... but also a tray of delicious open sandwishes followed by fresh scones  and Devonshire cream. Then lastly another tray of cakes and pastries. YUM!

Just enough time to get ready to go to the radio city rockettes.... I loved walking throught the busy streets. The show  was dazzling!

I had the best birthday ever... now let me think... Do you think I could get Mr hubby to go again for his birthday??? LOL

Friday, November 11, 2011

The secret to staying young!

"The secret to staying young.... is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age" said Lucille Ball .....It's that time again..... it rolls around every year.... YES ! my Birthday and my dear MR. H is taking me away to New york again... He knows I love the place and to add to my enjoyment tickets to see the Radio City show and a trip the Chelsea Antiques market....

and then when I get back I have my ticket to see the Twilight Movie.. so life is  Gooooood! And If there's cake too, then I have died and gone to heaven...

But I think the secret to staying young is...."Be fearless, dance when ever you can, eat cake for breakfast, buy high heels,  enjoy your family and friends,  and always look for good lighting!"

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More ATC's

These are for the VPI group... vintage Santa

and some just for fun

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Christmas cheer tin swap

Is now closed...... I have all the players ...

I've been playing again with tins... altering them with some Christmas cheer...so who's up for a Christmas tin swap? An altered Altoids mint tin swap.... Think angels ,glitter, trees holly .. Santa's and elves etc.

This will be a swap with only ten players.

Also the the mailing date is the 1st of December.... no delays.

 I want everyone to have their tins by Christmas day so if you think you can't deliver for that date. Please do not sign up... The sign up will stay open until Monday 14th.  

<><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><><><><>
Please take the button to spread the word...

Please use a 50g tin not the smaller tins.. you can use it as is with the lid or take the lid off to make it in to a shrine... or add a hanger ...it is up to you...

If you are interested email me at BLISS.WDA@GMAIL.COM
 with your Name, Mailing address, blog address and email 

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