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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Thank you again for all the love and support... the news is that yesterday B came home with a smile on his face... the boys were spoken to about their racist remarks, I say racist remarks because we are from a other country .. the accent while most of the time has comments  like "oh I love you accent and my family are from"... I  have had three experiences that been negative in my ten years of living here...... The first was during a meal out with friends... some friend of theirs came too and upon meeting my family, the man spend the whole evening repeating everything I said... while fun for the first few seconds after the whole evening I didn't speak... A form of bullying. My second experience was on the same lines. While teaching in a pre-school one of the other teachers would feel the need to copy my accent, repeat each word I said in a mocking way......   and   hopefully last was only a few weeks ago .. while shopping at Walmart  an young woman nearly ran me down  when I pointed  that out " she shouted "that I should go back to my own country"..... she add some colourful extra words but I'm sure you get the picture ... so back to Mr. B hopefully this is over and he can get on with doing what he is suppose to do at school and that's learn...  Thank you for letting me rant... and although I have had some negative comments I love it here.. and I'm grateful.... Hugs Wendy 


LuLu Kellogg said...

I am glad you are here too Wendy!

I have a very thick southern accent and get teased relentlessly about it since I live. It's not fun, that's for sure. I just try not to let it bother me but it's hard sometimes.

I am so glad your sweet B is smiling again!


Amy A said...

With kids it's one thing, you can assume "they don't know better" or immature and will "grow up" But these adult's comments sicken me, I'm embarrassed I have to call them my neighbors! So sorry this happens to you! As for your son's situation, I empathize with mama bear. It has to break a mother's heart to see her child picked on. So unfair! My kids are still young and I don't think it has happened yet. I'm sure the day will come, because kids are cruel. I was a victim at various times in my childhood and it's very hard. All I can do is vow to teach my children better. Tolerance and acceptance!

just me said...

yay that makes me happy he came home with a smile again!! sad people can't see your accent as a way to learn about where you are from. Just talking with my client last night (who is gay) that by being judgemental towards someone you could be missing out on knowing a very amazing person. Ignore the negatives, cyberbullying is just as ugly! Love your blog as most do!!:)

karen hess jewelry said...

Dear sweet Wendy,
This breaks my heart and makes me so ashamed of my fellow countrymen...there's no excuse for this. As a retired teacher I would NEVER have tolerated this negative behavior in the classroom, on the playground, or at staff meetings. I, too, pray for bullying to end. We saw many films about this sort of thing and how to stop it at school. Hopefully, everyone will be proactive in ending this. Blessings to you and your dear family.

Regina said...

Oh Wendy...my heart just broke when I read this. Please forgive me having not been here and knowing what was going on with your sweet Li'L Mr.B. I am overjoyed that he came in with a smile. I don't know what's wrong with people...ahhh yes I do...it's called not teaching manners at home. The Chazman would never ever make fun of another for any reason. He has been taught since day one that everyone is different and that's what makes the world such an interesting place to live. I wish everyone had that thought. I do understand about the accent though. I have a very heavy Southern drawl and have folks even here in the South say something about it. Never negative...I think I give them a look that says they had better NOT..LOL!!! Luvs ya girl.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

I am so happy to hear that Mr. B is smiling :)

As for the rudeness of the others, I just encountered that this past weekend.

Have you ever seen Pretty Woman, the scene where she walks into the boutique and they all look at her like what are you doing here?!

I do NOT dress like she did, LOL, but I am not one to dress up, jeans, shorts, tshirt, flip flops is my status quo. This past weekend my girlfriend and I went into some boutique shops and I could feel the EYES on me . . as if they were saying she can't afford to shop here or what are you doing in our store . . . I wanted to say, never judge a book by its cover . . . and just for that I'm not spending money in your store.

Do you know that one lady followed us around LOL


Teri said...

How horrible. People are narrow minded.

mercedes scott said...

Wendy, thanks for sharing this story with us. I'm from Cuba and came to US when I was a small child and am married to a wonderful man who happens to be African American. I live in Minnesota - which is the most "white" place I've ever seen. My family and I have also experienced racism. Sometimes it's veiled, disguised... with a bit of finesse and nicety ("Minnesota nice" they call it here)... but those of us who are the victims of racism can see thru all the smoke. I appreciate what you and your family have experienced.

Anonymous said...

I hope each day is an improvement for your entire family. People don't realize how ignorant they really are. Wendy, I love the English accent. I think it is beautiful and lyrical and perfect. I could sit and listen to it for hours and if I repeated a word in imitation it would be out of the sheer delight in making those proper sounds come out of my very southern accented mouth. Hugs to you, my sweet friend.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I can't believe people would attack you for your lovely accent. It is a small minded person that cannot see past their own backyard, to not know the world is full of accents and colors. I am glad your son had a good day and hope that is the first of MANY!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Bullying comes in all forms. I used to be fat and lost 100 lbs about 6 or 7 years ago. I'm not super skinny now, but I look like everyone else. It seems that if you are a little different it brings out the worst in people. But then we tell our kids "be yourself." And yes, I know some animals bully each other - but to a point, then mama bear comes along and smacks them! Hang in there! Love, Linda

fairyrocks said...

I am glad you were on top of it. Children are certainly more forgiveable than adults!!!
I love a good accent. My grandfather spoke what was referred to as broken English, he was born in Italy. The ability to understand him has served me well.
I incidentally did not think I had an accent till we traveled to Dominican Republic, and were told by the locals that we do indeed have a certain way of speech. I found that very interesting indeed.
Anyhow, carry on speaking your truth in your own unique way!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously...adults repeating everything you say! What does that say about them Wendy?! This is a young country and we are all from somewhere or another; just a few generations separate each of us from one another...but we're ALL HERE at the end of the day. Let your son know that he should always remain the proud bearer of what makes America the "United States of America"; that is too say we ALL have a "history" and he should hold on to the pride with which he brings his history out into the world with him! You too Wendy! It is what makes each of us unique after all!

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