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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sweet Surprise

Yesterday I received a very sweet surprise pressy from my dear friend  Lesley at Harmony road studios http://harmonyroadstudio.blogspot.com ..Don't you love getting surprise mail, it feels like Christmas and Birthdays rolled in to one....  the parcel came all the way from Canada.. with the most wonderful faerie hanger which is on my notice board  and a die cut to make wonderful bird cages... Lesley  had sent a card to me a while ago and I commented how much I loved the captured faerie and asked her where she had found the cage die... What a sweet heart she send one to me....

 Thank you Lesley you are the best....


Denise said...

OOhh I love the gifts you got.A few of my favs. Lavender,Fairies Bird cages....Yes I must visit her.Thanks Denise

Birgit said...

Hi there,

Thanks to Anna’s great Practical Magic blog party website I know that you are taking part in the event. I have pondered how to participate and thought it would be neat to post anonymously people’s thoughts and/or secrets regarding the movie. Sites which inspired me are:

Post Secret
Walt Disney Confessions

Those thoughts or secrets could e.g. be “I have already watched the movie 1,000 times,” “I wish I had a sister like Gilly,” “The aunts’ house is my dream house,” “I have dreamt about Jimmy” etc. Anything which comes to your mind when you think of “Practical Magic.”

If you feel like helping me out, be sure to send me your thought/secret as soon as possible at swappinghowdies@yahoo.de. Of course, I handle each “confession” anonymously. And – please nothing x-rated!

Greetings from Germany,

webindia said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.by Revathi

Anonymous said...

Wendy, that is such a darling surprise and and so well deserved, my sweet friend.

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