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Monday, September 26, 2011


 Thank you to everyone who flew over to my practical magic post..it was lovely to met you....   here is the LINK and thank you for all the wonderful  comments. To add some extra magic to my post I made a spell box.  An old, worn spell box that maybe the Aunties took to every coven meeting, just in case. You know what it's like you are in the middle of a meeting and someone needs a love spell or a curse removal.

So as a added post to my practical magic blog party I thought I would give you the spell to make your own handy, dandy spell box Just in case you need to take off a curse or mix up a love spell.

You will need:
A wooden or paper mache box... I found this one at hobby lobby I liked it because it came with the handles and looks like suitcase. I turned it on its side to look more like a steamer truck.

Acrylic paint  for the out side and in ..I used Nutmeg brown on the outside and Aqua inside
distressing ink
flowers stamps
images of flowers
scrap booking papers
Balsa wood
black ink

 first paint both the inside and outside of your box... don't worry to much about the handles and latches, a bit of paint adds to the worn , used look... let dry overnight.

Distress the corners and sides of the boxes  to add worn feel to the whole box . You want it to look as if generations of witches have used it. Cut and paste images of flowers... I picked to make my copies black and white so they looked  hand drawn . You could freehand them too. I added quotes from the movie and some stickers. Lastly stamp more flower images in black ink

Now for the inside....... measure the inside of your box... and cut your balsa wood to fit. ( it can be cut very easily with a craft knife).

I selected to have two shelves and a partition between the bottom shelf.
 Glue in place and then paint or cover with pattern paper. Glue patterned paper to the inside of the lid... I add some  old photos, stickers  and two plastic hooks painted gold...
Finally hot glue lace to the shelves to finish.
Just add  glass jars , a spell book , a spare pair of gloves for Aunt Frances and you are ready for the next coven meeting.

Hugs Wendy


Regina said...

Oh Wendy...I love the spell box. Love the tut too...thank you!!!


Misty said...

Very Beautiful! Love the compartments!

Lynn Stevens said...

Wendy, I missed out on the blog hop. Love your spell box! Any potions for getting rid of the common cold. ugh.....
hugs Lynn

The Sparkly Fairy said...

Oh I love this - what a fantastic idea!

Sara said...

thats just a wonderful spell box that I will have to make one for myself. Hugs Sara

Electra said...

This is wonderful Wendy-thanks for the tutorial!!

mercedes scott said...

Wendy, thanks for showing us how to make one! Your creativity always astounds me :)

Leaping Frog Design's said...

Oh I have the perfect box for this project.. Thank you for the insipiraton!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks so much for posting this tutorial, I can't wait to give it a try.

Celia said...

I just LOVE this box!! It was one of my favorite things in your PM post!!

Regina said...

Wendy..my Wendy!! I love this spell box and just had to share it on Pinterest. I mean how can I have my favorite paper artist and not have this there for everyone to see.


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