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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I love my sister

My brother Lee, Me in the middle, Angela next to me and my grandparents and then Julie sitting on the floor.

How first I should say I'm talking about my baby sister.
 I have two sisters and one long suffering brother, I say look suffering because of all the things we did to him as a boy. The most lasting memory is of me cutting his hair, actually cutting suggests some thought in the process....... Okay hacked his hair off.  Poor boy had to go to school next morning with it... But don't feel too sorry for him he has got me back.....but back to my lovely sister Julie and I are so alike I never had to worry what to buy her for her birthday or Christmas. We are like book ends and unlike my other sister who looks nothing like me Julie looks like me....... well okay some may say that's a Bad thing but I don't. She is the artist in the family , the true artist I just dabble..... Go look at her blog http://pippinsnest.blogspot.com  you'll see what I mean. Anyway the reason of my post is last night while blog surfing I popped in to see Julie and she had posted about a new program she had just brought Digital scrapbook artist , okay my sister is the bomb she had posted what she had made and I wanted it too..... so I went down stairs , smiled sweetly at MR. H and went and ordered it.... now I just have to wait so thank Julie for the tip... love you 


Ivy said...

What a wonderful post Wendy! I love seeing your family pic and getting to know you so much better. Hugs!

p.s. You ARE an artist! xo

Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet post, Wendy. Isn't it wonderful to have such lovely sisters? I adore mine too.

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