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Sunday, August 7, 2011

like chips you can't stop at one

Soon I will be lying under a huge pile of ATC's but they are an addiction. Ask anyone at the Blissfull ATC swap and they will all tell you can't stop at one, like potato chips you can't just have one.... before you know it, your hooked... but hooked in a good way as far as I can see here's no downside....

Okay maybe you'll purchase some more paper.. Who am I kidding... Okay you'll acquire a lot of paper , you'll dream of paper...But also you will have made some beautiful pieces of art to share and talking of sharing if you surrender to  addiction. Please pop over to the http://BlissfullATCswap.blogspot.com and join us... We don't judge, we just add fuel.

Hugs Wendy
PS I'm off to find some potato chips!


JenW!~ said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing LL YOUR ATC'S. You are right too you can stop at just one. I love making them, maybe soon we get the chance to do a swap. Thanks again for letting me Do this moths Blissfull ATC swap.

Terri said...

Wendy, you are the Queen of ATCs! These two are amazing. I love all the colors and layers. Someday, I will participate for sure!

Anonymous said...

You are in an enchanting creative frenzy! How marvelous that you fill the world with beauty. Have a wonderful week, my sweet friend.

Regina said...

Oh girl...you make me want to make one or two or OHHH who am I kidding, I want to make TONS of these cute ATC cards. As soon as my pickle jar fills up with coins to the top then I am buying me some papers. Lots and lots of paper...hehe!!


Lynn Stevens said...

Love the atc's and your right can't stop at just one. LOL

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