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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Thank you to all of you that left comments.. they made me cry . It makes me sad to think that it is going on to so many kids and so many of us have stories too ... One of those comment came from my own sister Julie and I wish I could have been here Julie because you know I would have been down that school kicking the hell out of those bullies for you... but as you know that never really helps...

The sad thing is after asking my now collage aged son if he thought our decision to let the school know that he was being bullied helped him...  Do you know what he said  "No it just made the bully more threatening and menacing"
His school life only improved in High school but not until after his freshman years has he put it "you still have idiots in your freshman year"..

So really talking to the school which I have done in person and email maybe will help and maybe not will help my younger son... Maybe the schools need to look at bullying in a different way instead of just talking to the bully .. they should be trying more to help the victims with a group, a safe place ... it is a well know fact bullies pick on the kids when they are friendless... they play to their friends making themselves  appear big and that standing up to bullies works if the bulled child is empowered...

SO why isn't there clubs/ groups or meeting for bullied kids that they can come too to talk with other kids in the same boat... the bullies tent to get to they prey when they are walking from classes or waiting outside..... so have a bully angels  ( older kids who them self have been bullied so they know what it's like) befriend these kids... have teachers who themselves have been bullied run these group because unless you are been through the experience of hiding in crowds and trying to stay out of the bullies way... you can have no idea how alone you feel.  Dreading each day at school.

 Ultimately we need let the kids know that even if it feels that they are alone, they are not... there are some very famous people who have been bullied and there is a light at the end on the tunnel .. be strong ...  your are firework. Don't let a bully define your life.

and lastly and the sad truth bulling is in our nature... monkeys and apes will bully each other.. but as humans you would like we would have thought a way to stop this..

Bullying isn't going to go away on its own, the policy of talking the bully to stop clearly isn't working..So maybe it time for a change.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My baby is 13 today... and the day started wonderfully for him, cards, money... well he is a teenager now, money is very important to teenagers.... phone call to grandparents... His birthday started bright and sunny off to school with a smile........ Not so at the end of his day.. as he got in to the car I knew from his sad face that the rest of his day had not been so sunny.... No my poor birthday boy had been bullied today and so it seems for a few days now ... we knew it was going on.. but my clever boy had said that the kids were not worth listening to and he was okay.... But that old saying of sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me  words is frankly all of load of rubbish........ words do hurt, they can have long lasting affects.. and why should anyone have to pull up with it ...

I know I'm ratting but the mother bear had been poked and
I 'm mad. Did you know that between 15-25% od US students are bullied.. (melton et al ,1988 nassel et al 2001 )

So if you like me have had something like this happen to your child or your think it may be going on there is help

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A handmade Halloween

I've been crafting up a storm. No pun intended with the bad weather heading towards my favorite city New York. If you are in the weather please stay safe and dry...
 I'm taking part in  Joanne's a handmade Halloween matchbox swap over at vintage dragonfly....  it is still open if you'd like to join us.Here's the link
We have to make at least four handmade items to go inside our matchboxes... what fun! I went a little crazy...but what's new. 

So I have a creepy hanger.......

Good witch tags.......

A treatful ATC

A booful cotton reel witch

And a haunting mini book.....
and I'm not finished yet .I have at least two more items I want to add to my matchbox.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here's still time

I 'll close the sign up on August 30th. So if you would still like to join the rest of the good witches there's still time just follow this link


Yet again it's time to show and tell my ATC for the Artful bag challenge ATC.. hosted by Anna at Frosted Petunias.here thanks Anna.

My parnter this month was the wonderfully talented Amy.here This is the ATC I sent her. It's titled in a faeries purse.. I wonder what IS in a faeries purse?
faerie dust maybe...or bird song or sunbeams.

and this is the super cute ATC she sent back... love that it has the word BLISS on it...and it is a real bag and Amy the little purse is perfect... I wish I knew how to do free motion sowing and it is just the right size to keep my moo cards in....Thank you.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

some cute fall art

My thoughts are turning to fall, I love this time of year the weather starts to cool in the evening, you need a light covering on your shoulders and the trees start to turn... there is nothing to match the beautiful of a fall day; the pumpkin oranges and sunflower gold leaves against the blue sky  ... I'm itching to pull out my fall decorations...

I been working on my post for the gypsy dream blog party,  but also my post for the practical magic blog party hosted again this year by Anna at Frosted Petunias.. The button is on my side bar if you'd like to join in the fun and I do mean fun... I had few to many midnight margaritas last year... drinking and bloomstick riding do not mix. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Have you ever had the dream of running away to travel the world in a Gypsy wagon. I have....

 I have memories of seeing brightly coloured gypsy wagons, traveling down the winding lanes in my home town... every Autumn as if by magic they would appear....

Celia of  http://mygypsydreams.blogspot.com/.
 http://adventuresofthestripedstockings.blogspot.com/ is having Gypsy dream blog party... as the new moon rises on Saturday the 10th of September hitch your wagon and join us round the camp fires.... come join our colourful band of Bohemian Gypsy's as we spin tales of life on the open road...

Who knows what tales you may hear; tales of magic , fortune and maybe even love.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Halloween tin swap IS NOW CLOSED

It's time for another swap,  it's coming up the Halloween... so I'm thinking an altered Altoids mint tin swap.... Think witches , pumpkins...black cats and crows etc.

If you are interested email me at BLISS.WDA@GMAIL.COM with what you like   dislikes-favorite Halloween colors, skeletons or witches, creepy or cute-you get the idea. Do you like vintage, gothic, cutesy or are you a combo? so i can better match up partners...
The sign up will stay open until the August 30th

 Mailing day is October 1st so everyone gets their tin before Halloween night...

Please take the button to spread the word...

Please use a 50g tin not the smaller tins.. you can use it as is with the lid or take the lid off to make it in to a shrine... or add a hanger ...it is up to you...  

So are you ready for a Frightfull time?

Met Gracie Lu

This is Gracie Lu. I made her today from a paper mache dress form, a dolls head. I had to laugh, Mr. O thought I was crazy when he saw me walk in with a baby doll under my arm.. I brought it from Walmart.. this morning.. But with bit of sanding, a coat of gesso and paint and she looks as if she's been loved for years..the dress form is collaged with handmade paper and flower images.... I added my favorite quote... "what care I for human hearts, soft and spiritless as porridge. A faerie heart beats fierce and free". I cut a heart shape out of the dress form and hung a heart shaped charm...

 Mr. O said that she looked strange and needed something.... I had to agree  but what?... of course wings and a crown.

 Mr. O said I should try a streampunk faerie next... Mmm "Hey where the car keys I need to go to the craft store"

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tAKe A MInT TIn oR tWo

Mr. B is back at school , Mr.O starts next week . The house quite, so time and peace to play... But what to make... Mmmm! how's about an altered mint tin shrine...or maybe two.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

like chips you can't stop at one

Soon I will be lying under a huge pile of ATC's but they are an addiction. Ask anyone at the Blissfull ATC swap and they will all tell you can't stop at one, like potato chips you can't just have one.... before you know it, your hooked... but hooked in a good way as far as I can see here's no downside....

Okay maybe you'll purchase some more paper.. Who am I kidding... Okay you'll acquire a lot of paper , you'll dream of paper...But also you will have made some beautiful pieces of art to share and talking of sharing if you surrender to  addiction. Please pop over to the http://BlissfullATCswap.blogspot.com and join us... We don't judge, we just add fuel.

Hugs Wendy
PS I'm off to find some potato chips!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

More ATC's

More ATC to show and tell...I was inspired by the wonderful images from Lisa's altered art...  I made a set of four all with the same theme "fly"   

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's ATC time

You would think as I run a blog to swap ATC's that I would be making them all the time. But I realised apart from when I taking part in the Blissfull ATC swap I don't make many ATC for myself... I think it's because I think of them as gifts to give away and not keep for myself...

Today I pulled out paper, images and played... I love it when I get time to just do that...I made my swap for the blissfull swap.. The theme for August is FOOD... and when I think of food my mind goes to my favorite.. Cake....... birthday , cupcakes, Angel food cake , sinful chocolate, red velvet, coconut..  Do I need to say more... I've banned myself from buying the cream cheese cupcakes from Pubilx because quite frankly I can't stop at one.... so it was a no brainer that my ATC for this challenge would be about CAKE...

So here is my ATC for the swap, I hope my partner loves it... and then as I was on a roll... I made two more.. with thoughts of fall and Halloween... I made my good witch ATC's.

I going to keep one but I'm offering one to you... yes you! the first person to tell me the name of  good witch in the Vampire diaries series gets one of my good witches ATC.....clue she's best friends with Elena and Caroline......  Good luck!


Images from land of Nod

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Once upon a time......

A pretty lady  ( that's me) sat down to play with her new toy ( my sons old but new to me laptop) looking forwards to the many hours spent blogging and playing with her digital art, loading  her photos to do new blog posts ... When suddenly with out notice, a error massage came up saying that she needed to backup files....as the hard drive was crashing...... A small,wee voice came from the doorway  "See I told you my laptop was old  and it was going to break and its a good job we got my new laptop yesterday"....said the wee voice. ( Mmmm I smell something fishy going on)

So I'm back on the PC which I hate because I wanted to be in my studio while on my blog .. I had visions of taking my laptop outside to post  ( okay maybe not today as it's nearly 100 outside but you know what I mean..... I felt the freedom of blogging in the open air, bees buzzing, the wind blowing ) okay ,okay I know I'm getting off the point........... 

The point is I'm once again laptopless

Anyway I made some art instead of moaning about the death of my new/old laptop... the  child image is from Terri at Pringle hill studio... Have a great evening

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It's the end of the faeries shoe swap and of all the swaps I have done so far this has been my favorite.  The shoes that have been swapped are outstanding...I wanted to show them off to you...  some are still on their way to their new faerie homes  I will add the others as they get posted but in the meantime feast your eyes on these beauties.


Michelle and Ashley





Jo Anne




Also the winner of the faerie shoes giveaway is  Lorna at Artymess

Lorna email me with your address BLISS.WDA@GMAIL.COM
Thank you again the Annette for so generously donating one of her faeries shoe kits....

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