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Saturday, July 23, 2011

waiting for my muse

Like most people I sometimes have times when I sit at my table in the studio and don't feel like creating..  I get a block... like a writers block but an artist block. Some time I think it because I have too many ideas and I can't seem to concentrate on one.. I'm having one of my artist blocks at the moment and I don't think I'm the only one from posts I've read lately....

I'm hoping as the season changes into Fall.. I will find my muse...I know it's out there somewhere just waiting for me. But like a butterfly, I must wait for it to alight on me again.


In the Light of the Moon said...

Gosh I am so with you..I feel like this so much of the time..Wishes she comes swift and fast like a cool breeze in the night sky.Warmest Regards,Cat

Regina said...

Oh my dear sweet Wendy....your muse will return soon I'm sure. Just enjoy some YOU time while she is away.


JenW!~ said...

I completely understand what you are feeling. I just went through a block like that and had to change mediums to bring my self out of it. Your muse will return after a short vacation I am sure.

lynn said...

hiya wendy.. its just the heat.. and i think the summer itself... soon the autumns cooler winds will bring your muse back ... sending peaceful thoughts and big hugs

Ann said...

your muse must be finding wonderful ideas to fill your mind with!!! she/he will be back with armloads!!

Ivy said...

I so hear you on this Wendy! I have decided to put away my paper projects for now and have gone back to crocheting and probably will be doing just that for several more weeks.

Don't forget to eat lots of cake!

Hugs! xo

Jacqui said...

Hello lovely Wendy! I am also looking for my muse!! I so love those little fairy shoes on the left of your post



Petunia said...

Wendy I know exactly how you feel. Just last night I tried to work on my art journal and after staring at the 2 pieces of scrapbook papers I glued down, I gave up and decided my muse must be on holiday. I think it's the heat. It zaps the creativity right out of my head! I am definitely so ready for fall and I think once the weather changes or when you start getting in a fall mood your muse will definitely drop back in! Hang in there :)


Lily's Lace said...

I think my muse is dying of thirst in this Texas heat. I'm there with you though. I have tried cleaning and organizing my room just to keep me occupied in there. It hasn't happened yet but maybe if it rains......... :) xo-cindy

Unknown said...

Ah Wendy I am so glad your muse inspires you because through it you inspire me! It was so good to see your name in my inbox. I have been so busy no time for creating:(
I do miss chatting with you. Have a wonderful week my sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

I do love the image for this post. So elegant. It seems as if it is just that time of year when we all need to take pause. Perhaps we need to recharge our batteries. Hugs to you, sweet friend.

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