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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've finally have my upstairs seating area looking less like a "catch me all" and more like a real room.. This weekend we went to my favorite shop Ikea and brought a new sofa for the space... 

I know I'm taking a chance buying a white sofa but I figure my boys are older now and hopefully the dogs will wipe their feet before jumping up....Well I can hope! and the covers come off and can be washed...

But as I sat on the new clean white sofa I couldn't help but notice I needed some more color on the wall behind the TV .....  A  bright, bold piece of art on the wall... A mixed media piece with lots of color....I have a kingfisher blue table which I plan to bring up and the table behind the sofa needs to be painting red when the weather cools down.....

My luck was in because lurking in the back of the cupboard was a canvas just waiting to be used.
The background is painted a beautiful shade of blue with gold leaf to add a pop.

The flowers are scrap booking paper stamped with a text stamp, layered with tulle. I used shell buttons for the centers of each flower ... I placed some of the flowers so they are coming off the edge of the canvas. Then aged the whole canvas with some ink...Much better!


Unknown said...

Love it...good luck keeping the white couch tidy and white! The picture s amazing....Tiffany

Angela said...

The couch is lovely and your artwork is fabulous!
P.S. I sooo wish we had Ikea here!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Love your artwork and space..I'm still working on mine..it needs some personality like yours!!Love it!!Hugs,Cat

Plush Possum Studio said...

It's perfect! Can we hire you to finish the front room?

Petunia said...

Oh I do love IKEA too and you are sooo brave to get a white sofa! Your flowers are fabulous. Love it :)

BTW, Sebastian and I went to see HP again today (3rd time!). It gets better and better each time. It's just amazing.


Magic Love Crow said...

Everything looks fantastic!!!

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