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Friday, July 29, 2011

I hear bird song

 My tag book arrived from Karla the other day..
A big thank you to Karla for all the time and effort she put into the swap and also all the talented ladies who's tags I now own.. Thank you.
From Hopee At www.vintage-whimsy.blogspot.com

from Mary at thymetospare.blogspot.com

from Jane at www.araliajane.blogspot.com

From Sheila at www.blessedaddisstressed.blogspot.com

from Maggie at www.themagrag.com

From Jill at www.jillsibbald.typepad.com

From Cheryl at http://cheryl-comfort.blogspot.com


Yes it's Friday again! now quickly time flies when you are having fun.. after my lull I have so  much catching up to do... A altered bag for artfull bag challenge over at Anna magcial blog http://frostedpetunias.blogspot.com/...

It is very late but I was inspired last night by Terri's "Sing "pillow.  Go look, it is beautiful http://pringlehill-terri.blogspot.com/    
She kindly offered the image to use so I have added it to my bag.... What do you think? This is what it did look like..... A freebie from Mr. B's preschool . He's going into middle school you can tell how long it has sat unloved... I love it now and plan to use it in place of my handbag..The image is muted I washed out the color with my photoshop program I wanted to to look worn and old to go with the burlap..

Also these chipboard hearts have been sitting on my table for a few weeks now so I though it was about time they too had some love... the images are from Laura at The land of Nod http://bearhavenbears.blogspot.com/

Thank you Laura. Your images always inspire me ...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've finally have my upstairs seating area looking less like a "catch me all" and more like a real room.. This weekend we went to my favorite shop Ikea and brought a new sofa for the space... 

I know I'm taking a chance buying a white sofa but I figure my boys are older now and hopefully the dogs will wipe their feet before jumping up....Well I can hope! and the covers come off and can be washed...

But as I sat on the new clean white sofa I couldn't help but notice I needed some more color on the wall behind the TV .....  A  bright, bold piece of art on the wall... A mixed media piece with lots of color....I have a kingfisher blue table which I plan to bring up and the table behind the sofa needs to be painting red when the weather cools down.....

My luck was in because lurking in the back of the cupboard was a canvas just waiting to be used.
The background is painted a beautiful shade of blue with gold leaf to add a pop.

The flowers are scrap booking paper stamped with a text stamp, layered with tulle. I used shell buttons for the centers of each flower ... I placed some of the flowers so they are coming off the edge of the canvas. Then aged the whole canvas with some ink...Much better!

A change is as good as a rest

I'm trying something new......not a piece of paper in sight.... Here is my Marie Doll.. she's made from air dry clay and an old bottle. YES! I said a bottle.. under her dress there is a old bottle....  I've never moulded a face before. I take my hat off to all the doll making out here ... it's hard to do. But I wanted to try something new. New in the meduim and the subject. Did you notice? NO faerie wings although I think Marie would have loved dressing up as a faerie... maybe I'll add wings later. I don't want to go too far out of my comfort zone.

I'm thinking a witch next, ready for Halloween.... see maybe my muse has come back for a while.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

waiting for my muse

Like most people I sometimes have times when I sit at my table in the studio and don't feel like creating..  I get a block... like a writers block but an artist block. Some time I think it because I have too many ideas and I can't seem to concentrate on one.. I'm having one of my artist blocks at the moment and I don't think I'm the only one from posts I've read lately....

I'm hoping as the season changes into Fall.. I will find my muse...I know it's out there somewhere just waiting for me. But like a butterfly, I must wait for it to alight on me again.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

To post or not to post

That is the question, I had problems posting last night so much so I ended up walking away from the computer before I really lost my temper... I did think a few naughty words to myself... so do I try again today... so far no error message but will it let me post this .. we will see.

I've been thinking alot about my boys, they have grown up over night it seems.. The little boys who wouldn't leave my sight are now grown.. My oldest is a young man ready to step in the world. Have I as a parent taught him all he needs to know to go in to the big wide world?.. I hope so.

But also my kids have taught me so much.... That sleep is not that important.... That worms are very cute and boys pockets are for stones , bugs and candy... That everything can be washed.....That sometimes chocolate cake for breakfast is okay.....That it's good to take a day off and have fun.... That the sound of children's laughter is the best noise in the world......  That the world is a stunning place if you only lie in the grass and watch the clouds pass by... and that kids hugs are the best gift you can ever receive.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

That's what Mr. B asked this morning, I think he's bored and ready to get back to school although if you asked him he would say "NO way"

What I was doing is making some tiny clay flowers the idea came from the gift box from Jill and Lemay last week.. they sent a glass vital filled with tee tiny flowers so I made some to add to the matchbox I'm putting together for a swap ... also I finished up a project which I have sent to the Summerset life magazine. I have my fingers crossed that they use it. Here's hoping , wishing and dreaming.

Also I had mail a faerie shoe came from Marti...for the faerie shoe swap.....Thank you Marti, it is so pretty. I love it

and talking of faeries shoes I been making a few, I'm not telling what they are for...... you'll see later.

Oh! one more thank you to Lesley for the teacup ATC and extra goodies... The card is wonderful and I have it on my notice board along with the dragonfly faerie... and I love the ATC's... Thank you, thank you...

"Whatcha doing?"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Acorn and the truth

Okay after this weekends fun blog party "where women create.." Acorn felt you should see how the room really looks when I've not clear up... he thought it was important for you all to see this......

So here is my place, pre and post - creating.... and he also said I should show where I pushed all the mess while taking the photos for the "where women create" post..... so okay..... I'm an mess hider.... that's why I have so many boxes and cupboards you can hide things , but please don't open that door!

Now for some less messy and more pretty.... beautiful circus ATC's from Lynn . Lynn doesn't have a blog so I'm showcasing her work.... thank Lynn for the ATC's..... They are stunning.

Less stunning the mess under the bed but I'll let you imagine  what that looks like.... A girl needs keep some secrets to herself..... 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where women create or where dogs look for bones

What're you doing Acorn? Does Mum know you're in here?

No but I'm waiting to greet the visitors, with barks and licks...

"What visitors?"
"The bloggers who are coming to look around Mum's studio......Do you think I look nice in my bow?"

"Acorn, the people aren't coming to the house, they are looking through the computer, Silly! and if Mum sees you in here you'll be in trouble again."

"No I won't. She said I could help show the people around. C'mon, you can help too" ...

... "Oh look they're here.....Mum said to say "welcome" and show them around."

"Welcome to Mum's creative space"

 through the door.... this is where we sit when Mum is busy crafting.

 Her notice boards .... look, she has postcards and notes from her blogging friends. Maybe you can see something you have sent. Look Willow, a picture of an dachshund just like us.

"This is where she keeps some of her ATC's, I don't know what ATC stands for but they don't taste good..."

"It stands for Artist Trading Cards, Acorn, and Mum has more in those pretty boxes.".

"Mum keeps the bones in the top drawer of this cupboard, Willow, I can smell them."

"No she doesn't she has crafting supplies in them...."

"What about those boxes? Does she keep the bones in there instead? "
"No Acorn just more supplies....... see? full of flowers, old photos, and supplies to make soldered charms, no bones"

"But what about over here?"

"No just faerie houses, no bones. Sorry, Acorn."

"Oh  but I know what Mum keeps in these jars........ lots of lace"

"and buttons and ribbons.. oh and over there an big basket of tulle and fabric."

 "What about on Mum's glass table I SEE letters on that cupboard... does it say TREATS?"

"No Acorn it spells W.E.N.D.Y. "

"but what's that?"

"That Mum's name."

"Let's look on Mum 's table maybe she left me a bone on there?"

 "I'm sorry Acorn I can see pretty glitter , coloured pens and stickers, but no bones up here"...

"Oh look Willow, Mum has a tree...... just like the trees outside..... but it doesn't smell like the trees outside.."
"Oh Acorn, look at all Mums' tag books .... she gets them from her friends in swaps..."

 "I know what that word spells...Willow it says WISH!.... and I'm wishing for bones"

"What about over here, Willow?".......

"No still no bones or treats , I see goodies from Mum's blogging friends and swaps ...faerie shoes and books Mum looks at when she's taking a break. Are you sure Mum has them in here?"

"Maybe she left them on her chair"

"Look Willow, they're under the chair ... see I told you"......  

"Well thanks for coming.......... and letting us show you around.....come back again"


"Willow have they gone?"............. "I'm so tried"........


Big super sized thank you to Karen for hosting again this year...and to my furry kids Willow and Acorn for showing you around

Big hugs Wendy

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