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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I'm behind... I have these lovely ATC's in the mail and they have been sitting on my table for a week... but here goes...  from Jeanie at All my art  http://jeanieatc.blogspot.com/  Some teacup ATC's... yes ATC's can be any shape you want...

Second.... A wedding theme ATC  for the Blissfull ATC swap   from my dear neighbour and friend Cindy at
 http://cindyrosesgarden.blogspot.com/  I dropped my ATC at Cindy's house and not only came home with this beautiful ATC but lots of fresh veggys from Cindy's garden.... she has pretty yard with lots of veggy's and plenty of flowers... pop over and see her blog..

and lastly another wedding theme ATC from Penny at http://palaverfrompellieghengiskhat.blogspot.com/

I think Penny nailed the wedding theme..
 okay up todate now...


Electra said...

pretty pretty!

fairyrocks said...

ATC's of a different shape...who knew? not me, thanks for sharing Wendy

Lesley said...

Lucky you Wendy, can't wait now for you to get mine. I am so happy the strike is finally over.
Love your ATC's, you do lovely artwork, so much detail. My kind of eye candy.
Les xo

lynn said...

i just love those tea cup inchies.. what a wonderful change instead of the squares... great job and thanks for sharing..
have a wonderful fourth of july
big ladybug hugs

Kathy said...

Love those tea cups! What a terrific idea. I just may have to borrow it... Absolutely, adorable.


Anonymous said...

These are all so lovely. There are so many super talented ladies out there!

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