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Friday, April 15, 2011

Faeries at the bottom of the garden

My version of Cottingley faerie photos that had everyone in the 1920 , hunting for faeries.
In 1920 a series of photos of fairies captured the attention of the world. The photos had been taken by two young girls, the cousins Frances Griffith and Elsie Wright, while playing in the garden of Elsie's Cottingley village home. Photographic experts examined the pictures and declared them genuine. Spiritualists promoted them as proof of the existence of supernatural creatures, and despite criticism by skeptics, the pictures became among the most widely recognized photos in the world. It was only decades later, in the late 1970s, that the photos were definitively debunked.

thank you to Peggy for the beautiful image of the girl


Denise said...

Interesting info.and just plain FUN.

Linda said...

it is interesting to know- love your version also!


Cindy said...

Thanks for the info! Your version is just lovely Wendy!

Hugs XX

Lesley said...

Hi there Wendy, oooo loverly matchboxes to you and from you.
I just posted my matchbox I made for you minus what is inside.
Thanks for the FlickR mail too. I am off to see about a blinkie button.
Have a super weekend.

Anonymous said...

Your image is stunning. So sweet and full of nature. What??? Experts say that photo is not genuine? I simply refuse to believe it. ;-) Have a wonderful weekend.

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