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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Clearing the decks

I started writing this post this morning and as I downloaded photos of all the wonderful things I had to show you . I got a message saying that I had used  all my space up. NO WAY! A blog without photos is like an ice cream cone without ice cream.... so wrong.

Little did I know the when I titled this post  "clearing the decks" that I would be clearing the decks of photos I had downloaded... so now I cleared space hopefully my photos will appear.  

 My post was going to be about me clearing the decks of swaps.

All five completed and ready to sent to Amy.

I also wanted to share goodies...

 from Kimberly. A pay it forward gift... Kimberly always finds really cool ways to wrap.... this time she wrapping it in a dress pattern packet.. and gift is even more cool a hanger made from the cover of a old book . How gorgeous is that. Thanks Kimberly I love it.  

and Trisha sent a gift. A necklace with the letter W.. beautiful.Thank you.  Okay back to sorting out the downloads.

Hugs Wendy


Art From The heart said...

wendy, hate to see you sort through anything,being a new follower I'd hate yo think of what I'll miss ! You have a wonderful blog!
Hugs, Amy

Cindy Rose said...

I love the use of buttons! I've been wanted to do that too, and she did a great job! Really beautiful.

Magaly Guerrero said...

This is a paradise of pleasing shapes and colors. I am amazed by the things you can put together. WOW!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Wendy,
be careful what you delete as it will no longer be on your blog.
Beautiful gifts you received.TFS.
Have a great day.

Jingle said...

Your banner pieces are gorgeous!

Julie Forest said...

Hi, Wendy! your bunting pieces are absolutely gorgeous! Love them all!! And your gifties are fabulous, too! Lucky you!! :)

Anonymous said...

First of all, I can't believe blogger has a space limit! I mean I guess it makes sense but still...I see deleting in my future.

Anyway, your bunting is beautiful as is everything you create. How sweet that you got a "W" necklace.

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