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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Multicoloured Swap shop

When I was a teenager , (all those years ago) there was a television program called "The multicoloured swap shop".... anyone reading this from England may remember this .. but for everyone else I will explain. The idea was that kids would offer a swap and then you could call in with something you wanted to swap with them.. then the person would decide which swap they wanted ....I always wanted to have a go... but never did.. so the reason for my story. As forty something woman I am now taking part in my very own multicoloured swap shop.

My first swap this month was with Riki at http://rikijewelry.blogspot.com/

check out her blog her jewelry is stunning.

  We were asked to made a heart and here is the one she send to me... isn't it  wonderful . It came in a robin's egg blue pocket and the heart is cream , the same robin's egg blue and brown . Beautiful!  Riki added a pocket on the heart so I can add a photo... I love that.
The swap was hosted by mosaic magpie. http://mosaicmagpie.blogspot.com/

 I want to send Debbie all the hugs I can because while in the middle of hosting. Her husband became ill and was rushed to the hospital and although this was going on in her life she still wanted to get all the hearts off to us ...A big thank you to Debbie and my prayers are with you. 
This is the heart I sent to Riki.

My next swap was part of the A swap for all seasons  "The winter swap"  We 
were asked to make a small fabric sampler... this is mine and it went to my partner Michele http://askmichelesomethingspecial.blogspot.com/

And this is what Michele kindly sent back .... we both had a laugh that we both added a picture of the Eiffel tower ...

Don't you just love the colours Michele used . They scream Paris to me. Thank you Michele  


Ana Cristina Caldatto said...

Formidavel a ideia!

Pellie / Penny said...

all the art pieces are simply gorgeous. What great swap you were in.


Something Special said...

I sure had fun creating this fabric sampler for you. I love mine that I got from you too. It is hanging in my craft studio where I can see it everyday. Thankyou Wendy

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