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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I wonder !

Why is it?  when you are having fun, doing things you want to, that time just flies away from you. But when you are doing something boring, time slows and minute feels like an hour. Last week when I was stuck in bed the days felt an eternity. But today while playing at the computer there's not enough time. 

It feels like minute since my boys were small,when I turned they grew up..... I looked at photos of them yesterday looking at their cute, happy faces and wondered where time had gone.

If you are reading this and do still have young ones in the house , then what are you doing reading this rubbish. GO !and enjoy them before they grow, make every minute count because time passing quicker than you realise...

and with that deep thought I leave you to be with my Family.. Hugs Wendy

Digital art by me with help from Scrapbookgraphic.com


Anonymous said...

So true, so true.

Sinderella's Studio said...

I love both - the door and time flies - all your words are true!
cheers, dana

Regina said...

Ohh yesss....time truly does fly by when it needs to go a tad bit slower. Life happens fast...to fast most of the time. I have grown sons and it seems like a lifetime ago they were here but I am soooo blessed to have my lil Chazman. (and I can play on the puter at the moment...he is at school...hehe)


Unknown said...

Time has flew the last few hours alas I have no children, no pets and no one here to demand my time! lucky or unlucky you decide?...

have been on the computer since 3pm is now 6.20 been on deviantart
Julie x

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