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I 'm wife, a mother , a daughter, a sister,a friend,a crazy faerie loving, art creating, born in England living in the states, blond hair blue eyed, tea drinking, mixed media, atc swapper, digital artist, blogger ,Facebook, reader, writer, old movie watcher, paper addicted, high heel lover, dog owner,cupcake eater, creatively eccentric.. party hat wearer. Welcome to my blog. Where I hope you'll stay awhile and come back often. Hugs Wendy

Friday, December 31, 2010


I hope the new year brings you
Joy, if you are sad.
Peace ,if you are at war.
Hope, if you are hopeless.
Dreams, to believe in.
Wishes , to come true.
 Family and Friends , if you are alone.
and Love, ever lasting love for all time. 

The Artful bag challenge

We all have a vice, maybe even two or three. I have to admit that one of mine is bags, closely followed by shoes and then maybe chocolate.

So when Anna posted about her new challenge for the new year The  Artful Bag Challenge. I quickly signed up.

This month challenge is  Playing With Paper. This month we are crafting our bags and purses from paper. Any paper you like can be used: scrapbook paper, book and magazine pages, card stock, etc. Embellish it however you like.

This is my bag I call it my "sweet heart bag" it is made from double sided scrap booking paper so the inside is as pretty as the outside.  Thank you Anna for hosting such a cute and fun challenge and pop over to see the other bags at

And happy new year to all!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New year, new look.....

With the coming of the new year 2011 wow! life will be changing in the new year. My first change is a new header for the blog.

Also both boys are changing schools O is going off the collage and B is going to middle school . Mr. husband changed his job after working with the same company for 12 years...   and Me? After a year of opening the Blissfull ATC swap to only swappers in the USA.  I'm going to open it up to  swappers in Canada too...if you are interested in joining us . You can check out all the details at http://blissfullatcswap.blogspot.com

Friday, December 24, 2010

Two early Christmas gifts from Francie and Karla....

A big, huge , super sized thank you go to Francie and Karla for sending me early Christmas gifts. First Francie dear friend ,sweet lady thank you for the card with a painted angel and postcard.

 and then to a new friend and just as sweet Karla for an ATC in the theme of the 12 day of Christmas, when  it's opened you can see all 12 days  and stickers.  Love them thank you.

On the 12th day of Christmas........

It is the last day of the 12th days of Christmas ATC swap and I'm so sad it is over...it has been wonderful to share the ATC's from these talented artists and friends. I hope you have enjoyed seeing them as much I as I have enjoyed showing you.
The 12 days flew by and it hard to believe that it is Christmas eve. My last ATC comes from Robin at http://redrobinlane-rgcarr.blogspot.com/ 

12 lords a leaping is not the easiest day but Robin rose the challenge.  

It's also time to show you the last two days of the 25 day of Christmas matchbox swap.... numbers 24 and 25.

Number 24 comes from Kathy at my life in pictures 
and number 25 the last day is from Valery at http://itsanalienlife.blogspot.com

Thank you to both Kathy and Valery.

Now I have been asked by a certain jolly elf in a the red suit. To let you all know that he wants you all to go to bed early and please, please remember the cookies and milk....
hugs Wendy

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The weatherman said.....

We may get some snow  and although that would make Christmas day even more beautiful and special . I'm  very pleased that we will be staying at home ... I know everyone in Leicester in England has had snow but looking at today's weather ( it's sunny and bright and crisp) I'm glad to be in sunny Georgia.

Although I know one little ( okay not so little anymore but one big boy who is wishing that it would snow....I hope he gets his Christmas wish. Hugs Wendy

On the 11 day of christmas my true love send to me.....

11 Ladies dancing  and they are making such a noise with their tap dancing but they are so super cute with their tiny ballet shoes that I will let them stay.... The ATC came from another dear boggy friend Electra, she is the greatest blogger I know,   her posts have me laughing , crying and thinking each time I read them . If you haven't popped over then do.    http://wishiniknewhowtoblog.blogspot.com/

And today's matchbox is from Sophia at http://bluechairdiary.blogspot.com Thank you Sophia. I have the paper clip holding  all the matchbox details together  ...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On the 9th and 10th days of Christmas my true love gave to me......

My true love was too busy yesterday to get to the computer so I bring you the 9th and 10 day together which is fitting as they kind of go together  9 drummers drumming came from Sandi at http://scrapbookinwithg.blogspot.com      Her ATC is beautiful. I don't know you can't see it but the images looks like it is sugared... 


10 pipers piping came from Dana http://sinderella-studio.blogspot.com

and Dana's ATC is so super cute, with the pipers blowing their pipes with their Santa hats.
and the matchboxes from yesterday and today are from Jenna and Pam.  Jenna made number 21  http://coripants.blogspot.com 
and Pam made number 22  http://treasures-n-textures.blogspot.com Thank you to both of you .. you rock!

Monday, December 20, 2010

On the 8th day of Christmas my true love send to me......

Eight maid's  a milking........day 20 of the Matchbox swap and a blissfull ATC in the mail....and a  blood red moon..

Toady's ATC is from Marlene she doesn't have a blog but hopefully she will come over to the dark side soon...     The details on this ATC are stunning . Thank you Marlene for taking part.
The matchbox today is from Cami at http://creatingmyselfcreaatively.blogspot.com/ inside is a snowy scene with a cute snowman... thank you Cami.

 The theme for the Blissfull ATC swap this month is Angels and I think Andrea's ATC captured the beautiful of these angelic beings wonderfully.... Thank you Andrea. Also thank you for the extra goodies.... Andrea is new to Blissfull so pop over to see her at http://goddessandmagick.blogspot.com
and lastly the red moon. Early on Wednesday morning at 3.45 Eastern time.  There's going to be a lunar eclipse and while the earth passes across the moon will turn blood red... I know this because I have boys who have always watched the stars. This is very special because the last time this happened on the winter solstice was in 1638.

I plan to get up to see this, things like this only happen once in a lifetime...and who knows I may see some faeries  dancing under the blood  red moon too.

Hugs Wendy

Sunday, December 19, 2010


On the 7th day of Christmas my true love send to me......

7 swans a swimming, day 19 of the matchbox swap and a giant postcard in the mail....

Today's ATC is from Karla at http://sketchbookmailartclub.blogspot.com.  I can't tell you how beautiful this ATC is. The camera just doesn't show what I can see. The swan comes off and could be made into a pin and the back ground has 3d illusion paper so when I turn it I see more swans. It is breathtaking. Thank you Karla for taking part.

and today's matchbox is from Amy at http://papertrailsleaver.blogspot.com inside there is a beautiful bead bracelet with tiny sliver Christmas charms. So cute ! Thank you Amy.


 and lastly a while ago I signed up the take part in the giant traveling postcard. The premise to have a giant piece of art board travel to six different artist and each one add to it. The theme "Make art make friends" well that certainty worked because I did make friends and also had the chance to see their artwork when it came to me. I want to thank our host the lady who had this wonderful idea  Dana   http://sinderella-studio.blogspot.com. If you haven't all ready popped over to see her blog, do. She is a talented artist and dear friend...


Saturday, December 18, 2010

On the 6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me.....

Six geese a laying, day 18 of the matchbox swap,One proud mother and goodies on the faerie tree. 

Today's ATC is from
Terri at http://www.paintnthread.blogspot.com/. She emailed me before sending her ATC, saying that they were funny.  When they arrived I took a quick look but couldn't  see what she was talking about until later that night while in bed.  I thought about them and  burst out laughing much to the shock of Mr. husband who thought I was going crazy but  Terri play on words is brilliant....Six geese a laying yeah right! laying in bed with a cozy blanket..... I wish you could see you all the details and layers...Thank you Terri for taking part and giving me a laugh...   

Now to day 18 of the matchbox, I have to say this matchbox had me wondering what was in it from day one as it rattled. I was like a kid, I wanted to open it but also wanted to wait to see and I wasn't disappointed. Inside the very cute and pink matchbox , beads.Butterfly shaped buttons , pearls and bow shaped beads. And who do I thank for this cute box? Maria at http://huntedtreasures.blogspot.com/  Thank you

and the proud mother is me because my oldest son has his acceptance letter to Gainesville State University and if my day could get any better there was also a parcel  for me from Anna at http://frostedpetunias.blogspot.com Dear Anna thank you for the super sweet snowflake and tag... can you see the snowflake has the letter to my name ... love it ! Thank dear friend. Pop over and see Anna she is a talented artist.

 Have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, December 17, 2010

on the 5th day of Christmas my true love give to me

A five gold ring ATC from me, one surprise parcel,  one faerie tree, day 17th matchbox,  and a earache with a cup of tea...... okay! so my song is a little odd ... first the ATC  the five gold ring is mine. Of course I used the image of this little girl. I just love her she has a look of mischief about her... and she reminds me of my other sister Angela.... she had curly hair like that as a child....

The surprise parcel was from Jo Anne at http://vintagedragonfly.blogspot.com/

inside was this sweet Angel tag,Thank you Jo Anne. It is beautiful and thank you for thinking for me. I hung on the next part of my song, the faerie tree. I made it to go on the table at luncheon for the teachers yesterday. After Christmas I'm putting it in the studio.

I used my baby photos and branches from the garden and lots of snow.... 

Then we have day 17 of the matchbox swap. Today's matchbox and Christmas glove ornament is from another Wendy at http://stitchduchessscrazysanequiltingworld.blogspot.com/

Wendy makes the most amazing quilts, so pop over to see her work and lastly I have earache but I am being looked after by number one son who warmed the hot water bottle and made me a cup of tea..... okay! I'll tell Santa he's been good this year.

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