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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As promised!

For the first time in six months I had a breakthrough and sat down at the computer to write.. I know! What the heck I'm I talking about I write on my blog nearly every day but today , okay let me start by saying I  went to bed last night with a idea for the plot for my next book.  I woke up this morning with the words dancing around my head. 
So  soon as I had dropped the boys off at school came back and wrote until lunch time.... the word flowing and the story coming out so freely that I couldn't believe it .. so that 's why my post on the blog is so late.  But as promised a snow faerie.

Also some more snow angels. I found the stars at Walmart  less than five dollars of twenty. Some images of cute babies,gold ribbon for the wings ,lace and burlap. Some  silk flowers and "Bob's your uncle", very cute snow angels for my tree or maybe gifts.

Come back tomorrow because I open the first day of my Advent calendar...I can't wait to see what I got.

Hugs Wendy


Angela said...

Congrats on writing! Super cute fairy, too!

Marfi-topia said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!
they are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
and how awesome that you are writing!
I will be back tomorrow:)

Sinderella's Studio said...

I love the snow angels!!!! I think we will be making some of those this weekend!
cheers, dana

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