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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As promised!

For the first time in six months I had a breakthrough and sat down at the computer to write.. I know! What the heck I'm I talking about I write on my blog nearly every day but today , okay let me start by saying I  went to bed last night with a idea for the plot for my next book.  I woke up this morning with the words dancing around my head. 
So  soon as I had dropped the boys off at school came back and wrote until lunch time.... the word flowing and the story coming out so freely that I couldn't believe it .. so that 's why my post on the blog is so late.  But as promised a snow faerie.

Also some more snow angels. I found the stars at Walmart  less than five dollars of twenty. Some images of cute babies,gold ribbon for the wings ,lace and burlap. Some  silk flowers and "Bob's your uncle", very cute snow angels for my tree or maybe gifts.

Come back tomorrow because I open the first day of my Advent calendar...I can't wait to see what I got.

Hugs Wendy

Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree

My weekend was filled with boxes, snow and greenery. Yes I've been putting up the Christmas decorations. Here are the photos to show what I've been doing.

 OH! there are faeries in my Christmas tree

I've been making fairy tags for the tree in the dining room. The colors on this tree are taken from the peacock feathers I have on it. Purple, Turquoise, royal blue and gold.

I love any holiday but Christmas along with Halloween is one of my fave....    now for the tree in the family room.

 I've been making these too.

There is the picture I used if you'd like to make some too.

Come back tomorrow and I will show you my snow fairy

Hugs Wendy

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The countdown as started

I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving , ate lots of turkey and rested for the the rush of Christmas ... I'm trying to stay calm. I have my cards finished and I'm writing them to today. I wanted to get a photo but time is running out so I'm letting that one go this year... I did get the trees up. Yes! I said trees... Mr. Husband and I talked about that last night how Christmas has changed for us since we moved to the States ... when we lived in England we had one tree, no special Christmas dishes and we didn't decorated outside the house but we do all those things now and more....

In this time of sales , buy one get two, it hard to remember the true meaning of Christmas . It's not about how many deals you get or how many gifts or if you get all three Christmas tree up and decorated  but the joy of family. Family is all that matters. 

 I have to remind myself of that every now and then.

So I'm planning to sit down , under a warm blanket and watch "A wonderful life with my family".

"Every time you hear a bell an angel gets their wings"

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Faerie Acorn and an ATC from Patti

Good morning ... well it's the second day of the Thanksgiving holidays. I taking the boys to see the Harry Potter movie later but it the meantime I get to play. I'm working on some Christmas ideas and I was inspired to make this display after making  my last piece of digital art.The idea for a fall scene under glass cloche... 

I brought this with birthday money I have wanted one of ages and I found two at the antique market.. I made the faerie to be seen from both sides, the bird nest was a little present from nature.  I have watched the birds go in and out of the nest all spring and they kindly left it for me to use.  The twigs are from my garden....and the tag was a present from Anna at Frosted Petunias.

I'm thinking about a Christmas scene next with snow faerie and snowman.

Also I had an ATC from Patti for the blissfull ATC swap. The theme was open and Patti sent this. How did she know? I love, love peacock feathers I have everywhere even though they are supposed to be bad luck. I love the colours.
and Patti Thank you for the goodies.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Enchanting the owl and a fall ATC from Misty

A whimsical piece of digital art. Titled "Enchanting the owl".

I love the fall season, the colors and the beautiful of all the fallen leaves in my garden and talking of leaves and fall.  I had an ATC from Misty today. She loves Fall as much as I do and her ATC is all about the colors of fall.     

Thank you Misty , It is beautiful its reminds me so much of the fallen leaves outside and thank you for the extra leaves they are so much fun.

 I have all my Christmas cards made ready to write and mail out next week. Whoop doo!

And the 12 days of Christmas ATC swap is nearly ready to get mailed out. I am waiting on two sets of ATC's.   

I took photos of all of them and plan to make a gallery soon so you can all see the talented artists who have taken part...

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Anna over at http://frostedpetunias.blogspot.com/ is hosting a really amazing challenge in the new year.

It's all about bags, handbags. Anna and I suspect most of you, love handbags . What's not to love they come in an array of wonderful colors, styles and shapes. They can be useful, fun and silly but most of all we woman don't feel dressed without one.

So Anna came up with this cool idea to celebrate the beauty of the handbag with a challenge each month.

There are 4 rotating themes. One for each month. By the end of the year we will have worked on each theme 3 times.

 The  first challenge is a paper project to make a hand bag from paper.

Then another month another challenge this time a make a "Altered Art" handbag.

The next challenge is "Embellish It" embellish a handbag.
and lastly make and swap a ATC ( artist trading card) in the theme of bags... 

I have already signed up, I couldn't miss this. If you would like to join Anna and myself.  

Email Anna at frostedpetuias@gmail.com

Getting my Christmas on Day 2

Day two of getting my Christmas on, time is running out for me. I normally have all my Christmas cards made , written and ready to mail for Thanksgiving and here I am a week to go and I still haven't made them, let alone written them..

So next week while the boys are off school and busy playing with the computer games. I am hiding away in the studio and I'm not coming out until all 5o cards are made , written and ready to post.

I promised yesterday I would show you what else I made with the left over paper, stickers from yesterdays project.

two years ago I brought this from Target.

An advent calendar, I didn't like the color much but I loved the small doors. Yesterday after making the tray I thought about changing the Advent. In the end I didn't change the color.
  It was so easy I made a template of the door, it is just a 2in square and punched out a hole with my hole punch for the small pegs. Then added stickers , brads , photos of (you guessed it Fairy's!)

 numbers and after when I had mod podged it all down I went back and added gems...and glitter. I love it! Why didn't I think of doing it before ? it is so pretty I wish it could stay out all year...
 I plan to go to see Harry Potter tomorrow morning, early before the rush but after I am starting on the cards I will show how it goes... see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting my Christmas on and a Blissfull ATC from Tee

I had a wonderful time spending my birthday money . My family know me so well they all told me to go to the craft store. I actually went to Archivers and brought all this..

lots of crafting goodies but also they had a kit to deck out a painters tray, theirs was about family but I changed mine for Christmas.

It had all the papers , stickers and charms I needed. I just added some stickers in the Christmas theme. Printed out some fairy's, of course it wouldn't be one of my projects without a fairy or two. HA HA!

  I was halfway through when I  realised the tray is exactly the same size as ATC.  So I'm thinking! What a great way to display all the ATC's I have. So I know what I'm asking Santa for. 

And there was plenty of paper left over so I have an idea for an other project .. come back tomorrow and I will show you. Oh yes ! I have an ATC from Tee to share.

 Our theme this month is Open to what you want to send, so Tee sent this ATC and A cute tag. Thank you Tee I love it.  

If you like to join me and lots of other talented Artists. Email me on Blissfullatcswap@gmail.com or pop by the blog to see all the ATC's http://blissfullatcswap.blogspot.com

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