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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Heaven sent

Two things happened today.... one I had a headache  all day and two I've been racking my brain trying to remember where I put this small dish , that I want to put the charms I made into. I looked high and low  and still I could remember for the life of me where it could be ... maybe that's why I had a headache too much thinking for my tiny brain the cope with today..... I had got to the point where I was just about to give up when the front door bell rang... and there standing on the door step with a large parcel was the mail lady ... yes we have a lady mail person.... anyway what was in the large parcel... I hear you ask??? I know your dying to know..... Well a few weeks ago I won some thing...... big deal because I have never won anything but I did. 
 A set of two vintage cranberry art glass and a china dish with a white rose painted on the inside from Mo at Rose petals from Heaven. http://rosepetalsfromheaven.blogspot.com... if you haven't been to this blog go now... wait not right now, but later after I have shown you my prize.  

And guess what? the dish is just what I needed and the cranberry glass fits exactly with my colour  scheme. It 's as if they were meant to come and live with me..... Now that's what I call gifts from heaven. 

Thank you  Mo and guess what ? My headache went.... away. 


Pellie / Penny said...

Lucky you - such wonderful pieces you won.

Glad your headache is better.


mo said...

Wendy! What a wonderful story! I just love how heaven weaves our lives together. The dish IS perfect for your beautiful hand made charms... *sigh* Gosh, I just love this story. *hugs* I hope you don't mind but I would like to link up with this post tomorrow and share your story with all my sweet friends.

BLiSsAngELs said...

Mo I tell you as soon as I open that parcel my headache went away... happy thoughts and i would be honored if you link up... thank you again Hugs Wendy

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