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I 'm wife, a mother , a daughter, a sister,a friend,a crazy faerie loving, art creating, born in England living in the states, blond hair blue eyed, tea drinking, mixed media, atc swapper, digital artist, blogger ,Facebook, reader, writer, old movie watcher, paper addicted, high heel lover, dog owner,cupcake eater, creatively eccentric.. party hat wearer. Welcome to my blog. Where I hope you'll stay awhile and come back often. Hugs Wendy

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Check out this wonderful giveaway 7and a half bls of beads yes you read that right ... that lots and lots of beads.
GO to http://deniseyezbakmoore.blogspot.com/ leave a comment, become a follower and post on your blog. it easy Hugs Wendy

It's a BIG DAY

Morning..... It is a big day. Now I'm going to tell you a short, well hope I can keep it short, story of my Love for  the Twilight  saga and How it changed my life. Now I know what you are thinking! How can STORY change someones life????

Well here.... we go. Two years ago , well is it really two years? yes! Two years ago at a party for the teachers at Byron's school.
I overheard someone telling my friend about a book that had made her lose weight! I thought oh! some new diet book but NO she was talking about Twilight! She said that it was SO good that she didn't move until she had finished it, no snacks.........After my friend said that she too had read it and it was wonderful and that I HAD to read it... she said you won't be sorry.... okay so, two days later while shopping I picked up the book  (  I wish I had picked up all four books as it would have caused less heartache on my part but you live and learn)
The movie Twilight had already been out, so I thought I love read so I would give it a go........and I didn't stop until I had finish ... I was so in love with the tale of Bella, Edward and Jacob, that I too could NOT put the book down.......but when I had finished. How quickly could I drop Owen off of at school and get the next one ? When could I get to see the movie? I was now in a rush to read the next book New moon and see the movie. I could think of anything else......

Lucky it was still playing at the dollar movie. So I dropped the boys off at school and went to the first showing that day.....and came out still in love ... when were they making the next movies????

Now at the same time this was happening I met up with friends  and told my friend Jodi that she had to read this book.
 She said 'I don't like vamps and werewolf's', but I said " read ten pages if you can put it down after that I will never ask you again"........ Ten pages later she was hooked too. Now for the reason I said twilight changed my life ..... after reading all four books I went on the Stephenie Meyer's web page, and was blown away that she was a normal mum with two young kids, that she had never written before and she sounded like me...........Then it hit me I would try, I had always told stories to my kids, I had ideas all the time but had never sat down at the computer and tryed to write them down.......but that day I did.  The first short story was ... lets face it horrible, but then Saturday morning with Byron lying in bed talking about his computer game I had a idea. It just pop in and then I had the story from that day on every morning the story came pouring out , at times I thought I was writing something I had already seen or heard but no this was new.... I do still believe that my Nana is watching and helping , I felt someone watching as I wrote, maybe it was the angels because that's what my novel is about Angels... but not angels you may be used to but handsome ,sexy angels and a love story about about my three characters Silver, Adam and Ben.

So today the next movie Eclipse comes out.I have tickets for 11am and then again tonight . My boys think I'm crazy but hey we are all a little crazy..... it is what makes so great. So I need to go and get ready.

OH yes The darwing for the give away .... here we go..... Byron can you pick out a peice of paper , thanks

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just because.....

This is for Karen at Graphics Fairy. I saw this image this morning on her blog and knew that I would have to make something with it. I have just stepped in the computer age by getting photo shop and look what I did..... I love it but I still need the play some more. Have a crafty day Hugs ~Wendy

Hoo are you Tuesday

1. Do you have any siblings?

 My sister Angela, brother Lee and youngest and the one who looks like me and likes the same things Julie
I am the oldest.

2. Do you have any children?
Yes two wonderful, boys.
Which is odd because I thought I would have girls but HE only gives you what you can deal with. Owen is my oldest and he is talented artist. He drew the art work from my book cover. He is seventeen but he has an old soul.  Byron is my baby (although he would hate to read that ) he has a sweet nature. He too is an artist, He is eleven.

3. Are you a morning or night person?
I am a night person, I can stay up late but then I need to lie in so I go bed early so I can get up early... does that make sense... We are a mix in our house my husband and Byron and Willow the dog are morning people, while Me , Owen and the other dog Acorn are night.

4.Are you organized or spontaneous?
Both. I know what I am doing but I can be spontaneous when the mood takes me....

5. What is your typical 4th of July like? Laid back at home? Community celebrations? etc...?
We grill out with the neighbours, we have a street party. The younger kids play on bikes and with water guns( so do the men but I won't go into that ) then we watch the fireworks . I don't watch I go in to sit with my dogs as they hide, shaking under the bed. I am not a fan of fireworks.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Once you make one....more will follow.

It started with wanting to make a hanger to go the front door for 4th of July but like most  good things chocolates, cookies and hugs once you have had one you want more. The same with these hangers they are so easy to make that I found myself making another one of my craft room door.
Then of course as I walked into my bedroom I thought Oh yes I need to make one for this door too ... I will post it soon and a HOW TO. Hugs~Wendy

Brag monday, 4th of July and giveaway.

It is Monday again! How time flies when you are having fun. I loved meeting all my new sisters from the bloggerett sorority.        
I am still going down the list.
The weeks are speeding by, the boys will be back to school soon but before then we have the 4th of July celebrations. We have a street party, our friends and neighbours get together to grill hot dogs. The kids (and sometime the grown ups) have water fights  and then we watch the fireworks.

This year 4th of July holds significant to us because it is the first year the boys are celebrating the 4th as American citizens and because of that I wanted to make a hanger for the front door and an arrangement for the table. I found images from Karen's wonderful blog so I'm linking  to Brag Monday.

I cut red scrap booking paper into cone shapes, I made rosettes from crepe paper, stars from black glitter paper and images from Graphics fairy.

Punch a hole in each side. I plan to fill each one with candy on the 4th but not yet because the candy will be all gone if I put it in now.
The large  hanger was made it the same way just larger. I also made rosettes with just the image glued to the front.
I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July and a great crafting day ~Wendy

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hello from sunny , very hot Georgia. I am Wendy and although I'm living in Georgia if you could actually hear my voice you would say one of two things to me. "Oh I love your accent or are you from Australia?" Which makes me laugh,I was born  Leicestershire in England and we moved to Georgia ten years ago. I have a very British  accent which I don't hear anymore so I'm always very surprised when someone comments on it. I really looking forwards to meeting you all and just so you know the kettle is always on, ready for tea and scones.

I took the photo and water coloured the the ladies, then took scrap booking papers and made the rest of the dresses of the sisters in the picture.Then added it to a canvas. I added wings because as you will see from my blog I love fairies they are every where.Lastly I added stickers, paper flowers and rhinestones to give them jewellery. I look forwards to visiting  your blogs. Have great day.
Hugs~Wendy.....if you want to join us pop over to see Karen at her blog   http://somedaysarediamonds-karen.blogspot.com/

fAiRiEs iN ThE gArDeN

ThEy cAmE aNd dAnCeD aRoUnD tHe gArDeNwE hAd LeMoNAdE aNd cAkE.


mAy ThE FaIrIeS cOmE aNd PlAy WiTh YoU tOdAy.......

Wednesday, June 23, 2010



I have been playing again .. I just had this idea last week to do something  with Alice in Wonderland but not the new movie version but the novel. The pen and ink drawings are still wonderful  after all these years.( excuse the pun). I remember being terrified when I read it when I was a child, but after watching the movie I went back reread it.
Did you know that the reason the mad hatter is crazy in the story is because workers making top hats in Victorian times would go crazy because of the  smell of the glue they used...Anyway I don't know how I know this, but  it always made me sad. Have a crafty day ~Wendy  I am linking with gingersnap creations and their mad hatter party, Go check it out at http://gingersnapcreations.blogspot.com/

City Crafter Challenge (week 10) Pink, Purple and Pearls.

Good morning how are you? Are you like me still going around all the wonderful blogs from Where blogger's create? but I'm taking timeout to show you what I have been doing in between time on the computer. I am linking up with  http://citycrafter.blogspot.com/ they do a challenge every week. This week it is pink, purple and pearls. So I set about making this tin, I don't know about you but I have a love /hate relationship with pearls, I love them on other people but when I put them on.... I don't think they suit me. I don't know maybe it's being British, the whole twin sets and pearls thing that puts me off. But saying that I realised that I do have a lot of pearls so maybe I will get them out. Have a great crafting day.~Wendy

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hoo you you Tuesday?

1. What are some of your pet peeves?

 I not sure I want to answer this because I am perfect in every way... (HA HA ) and I don't get peeved about anything.... (yeah right) OKAY now for the real me, I hate people who don't lift the toilet before going to the toilet.. I live with three men (do I have to say more)..... Rude pushy people who think that their time is more important than yours and lastly because I am I nice person but it peeves me when you don't get "thank you"... it takes two seconds to smile and say thank you to people. okay I forgot one last peeve and it is a big one I hate it when my surname is written aspinall instead of Aspinall.
A surname should always start with a capital letter..and it sad to say it is normally on notes from my kids teachers..... wow okay I am nice really, crazy but nice...
2. Do you have a favorite or lucky number?
I don't think so, I don't think I am lucky , I have never won anything but I'm lucky that I am married to the best man in the world , I have wonderful kids..... so maybe I am lucky.

3. What is one of your family traditions?
I make my own Christmas cards every year. Last year it was hundred and two cards, all hand made. My mum has every one I have made and I started the first Christmas I got married so that nearly twenty years. Also my sons and I make cookies at Christmas for neighbours, postman, everyone.
Lastly I put the kids Christmas stockings on their beds,. My mum used to do that when I was a kid so that we didn't wake them too early... I put games , books and it works....

4. Is there anything you are OC about?
I like to see things in groups of threes or fives. I wash my tea cup before pouring the tea into it. I never eat in bed, I know everyone likes breakfast in bed ... not me. I always have on a amber ring, if I 'm not wearing it I have to go back to the house to put it on.

5. What is your favorite kind of food?

crusty bread, cream puffs, homemade strawberry ice cream and my neighbours white chocolate, cranberry cookies she uses four sticks of butter .. do I need to say more.
Anyway now you know me... Have a great day ~Wendy

Monday, June 21, 2010

How to make wire nest

You need wire and beads, I am using freshwater pearls but white glass would look great too. First the put three pearls on to the wire and put them together to from a group so they look like eggs.  Then I start to wind the wire around and around the pearls about six to seven times then start secure the circles by going in and out pull tight. Then turn it over the go over making a nest shape  it doesn't have to be neat.now push from the front to make a small dip for the eggs to rest in.now make a loop around your pliers and go around until your have a pleasing loop. sorry about the photos my  son took them. I hope  this helps  ~Wendylike I said in my post the blog I got this from that much better photos and she explained it much better that me.  but I hope this helps...

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