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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My blog should be called crafting instead of ironing.

What can I say? I know I should be ironing. The clothers are piling up, but I saw these cute paper shoes on a blog.(life in my studio) I knew I would have to try to make some some...so that's what I have been doing for the last few days. I had plans to get said ironing done this morning but all crafters with understand when I say. I woke up with the idea that I needed to made a bag to go with them. One of them is going to my friend as a mother 's day card and then I thought hey! one of these would be great to put a gift card in for teacher appreciation.

 So I am now going to do the ironing before my children have to go to school in black bags.

Monday, April 26, 2010

brag monday guest gift boxes

When friends come to stay I made one of these small boxes for them . Inside there are guest soaps, shampoo and hand cream.  The image came from The Graphics Fairy.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Today I did something that made me laugh. It made me laugh because although I'm a grown woman I heard my Dad's voice saying that flowers look better in the garden than in a vase. That is his outlook. We had a beautiful garden when I grew up. He still does but he never picks the flowers to bring inside. I still don't understand that. As a child I always wanted to pick flower's to bring inside, but knew Dad would be cross about it.

So instead I would go across the fields I would bring back armfuls of buttercups, daisies and wild roses and take them to my bedroom to enjoy their prettiness, okay so they didn’t last long. A few days they would die but for the short time they brighten my room with their beauty.

So today I went in to my garden and picked a bouquet of flowers to enjoy. I know they would last longer outside but they are beautiful they brighten my day.

“I see my offering is not the first and not the most elegant I’m afraid I acquired my bouquet from a field.” Said Willoughby, when he noticed the bouquet of hot house flowers Colonel Brandon had given Marianna. To which Marianna replied “Oh I prefer wild flowers any day to hot house flowers.” From Jane Austin’s Sense & Sensibility.

Birthday card for Julie

It was my young sister's birthday this mouth and as usual I was late getting it in the post. I made this card just for her. I was pleased with how it worked out. I sent her a cute note book too. Julie I hope you had a great day, Love Wendy.

Friday, April 16, 2010


My angel, my wee boy is sick today with strep. He is asleep his bed with the dogs by his side. They haven’t left his bed all morning.

They are the sweetest, most loving dogs you could ever want to meet. My neighbor Jodi would happily take them into her home. They are pleased to greet all children with licks and most dogs a tail wag.

We weren't always dog owners, when my husband and I married we had cats. First we had Ambrose, then Merlin and then Jess.

Jess had pure black fur and green eyes. He would sleep with my son every night. He moved with us to the US.

Now I don’t know why we had cats because I have an allergic reaction to them, as soon as a cat comes within a few feet I’m itching. Cat ownership comes with its own set of worries.

Running out in our underwear in the middle of the night because the cats were fighting or getting a cat to come at night when it wants to stay out.

Jess lived for five extra years after we moved to the States. He loved the warm weather and chipmunks. Twenty years is a very good age for a cat to live. He died three years ago.

We brought our first dog Willow and later came Acorn. Willow is charming; she is the nanny in the house and will help put my son to bed. She runs to his room and waits while we brush teeth. Then she jumps onto the bed and licks his face then jumps off and goes to sit back down on the sofa. Acorn is a big boy and he sleeps like a human. He likes to sleep and gets into bed every night at ten.

Being a dog owner is wonderful. They come in when called and follow you around. They will eat anything and everything put down and they love to go for walks with you. They like to sit at my feet as I write and their fur mops up tears. There is a saying “Give a cat a treat and it thinks I must be a god, give a dog a treat and it thinks you must be a god. That‘s how my dogs look at me, I am a goddess.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

WELCOME I now have two blogs.This one is for the fun crafts I'm trying out & the other is for my novel Bliss. I Iove to hear comments. So stay a while and look around.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

may be precious
but your girlfriends




Is there such a thing as ageism’s in reverse? Because I think I have it. I don’t like being thought of being old. I’m in my forty’s and hate the whole idea. It didn’t help that today some guy on the checkout at Publix asked me if I needed the senior discount…!!!! I was shocked, angry then hurt and when I got home I cried.
But then when I started to write this to get the pain out of my system I realized that only the other day I had made the same mistake. I had seen a beautiful, white sport car parked and when the guy came to get into his car. I was disappointed. Why? Because I had thought had he would be young when in fact he was quite old! Okay maybe my age. But I had thought that he would be younger, he was driving a young man’s car.
And the reality was a shock. But I got it. He wanted to feel younger and the car did that for him. Youth is wasted on the young, we need to start old with all the knowledge we have gathered over the years but in young bodies. So to get me out of this mood about my life being over I am going to talk my husband in to that sports car we have always wanted, and enjoy in before we are too old. Forty is the new thirty so fifty must be the new forty. So I’m okay!!

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